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Post by Ragmaan on Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:52 am

Meanwhile in the room of surgery.

"Cmon men, give it all you've got. I need you to keep up the healing process while I sew this man together. "

His fingers flashed all over the place, creating flawless repairs.

"I need more anesthetic! Hes starting to wake up, and we can't have him do that yet!"

While they went to get some more restoratives, some of Kyou's own energy was used and a lotus petal appeared. He forced the invalid to chew it, knowing of his own effects.

Near instantly, there was a visible effect.

"Good going men, we are almost done. He'll pull through, sure enough!"


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Post by Majeh[NU] on Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:26 am

Majeh turned round, ready to draw his katana, but it was too late. Mayakashi was beside him before he could even see him, and had slashed him upwards, from his stomach to his shoulder. Majeh held his shoulder as blood poured out. He fell to his knees. He looked up at Mayakashi as his vision began to go blurry and shake. He could see 3 Mayakashis now, and was starting to shake all over.


Rin: "What... I couldn't even see him..."

Majeh dropped his katana as he placed both hands to his shoulder, trying to lessen the blood loss. He could now see 5 Mayakashis now. He was breathing heavily, his hearing was blurred as well, the words of the others were hard to decipher.

Tony: "MAJEH!!!"

Majeh suddenly exploded blasting Mayakashi backwards with burns on his face and exposed skin. His shirt was burned to cinders.

Rin: "huh?"

Majeh appeared behind Mayakashi, standing up straight, arms by his sides.

Mayakashi: "WHAT!? That was a dirty trick!"

Majeh: "Call it what you like, though I call it "an invention"."


Majeh: "It made it more believable..."

Rin: "This guy..."

Majeh turned around to face Mayakashi.

Majeh: "Show me your full power, and I might just show you mine..."

Mayakashi: "Gah...You're serious aren't you..."

Majeh: "You better believe it!"

Mayakashi: "Huh?"

Majeh: "That reiatsu... Looks like the authorities have arrived"

Mayakashi suddenly vanished, concealing his reiatsu using something that he had created when he was in the 12th.

Majeh: "Damn, almost had him..."


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Post by battosaixgirl on Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:48 am

The authorities comes, investigates the scene, and questions the three a little, but they do not give away much information. In between the madness, Majeh and Tony manage to pull Rin over.

Majeh: You are forbidden to speak a word of what happened today, understand?

Rin nods.

Majeh: Understand?

Rin: Y-Yes...

Tony: Don't worry, it's for your own good...we don't want you getting caught up in this girl.

Rin: No...I want to get caught up...I want to help... *looks over to Tony* and 'girl' isn't my name...

Tony: Then what is it?

Rin: Rin. Hanagari Rin.

Majeh: All right then, Hanagari...I might have to take some percautions to make sure you don't spill...you might be moved around from now on...

Rin: Moved around?

Majeh: You might be moved to my division...might.

Rin: Oh...um...all right...

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Post by Gremlin on Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:42 pm

Tony :hehehe hey Majeh let me have a word with you
Majeh: sure
Tony: well you see this Rin girl I sense a lot of potential in her
Majeh: hehehe yer I noticed it too
Tony: how about we let her join our division for now
Majeh: what do you suppose we do
Tony: well*looks at Rin and averts his gaze* she could join me on my mission an I can assess her
Majeh: fine but take another Shinigami with you ok
Tony: sure
Majeh:ok Rin you are going on a mission with Tony today
Tony: there has been a spotting of hollows, Grand Fisher to be precise
Majeh:we want you to go on this mission as a test
Tony:tell everyone in your division that you are on mission with Majeh’s Fuku Taichou

Ariel:how long does it take to heal one damn guy -_-*

*elsewhere a hollow dripping in blood appears*

???:nice to see you you are alive
Mayakashi:I see that you had your eye on that Tony boy and his sister
???:I have my reasons hehehe
Mayakashi:well that Majeh guy is not half bad and I almost framed Karasu


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Post by Majeh[NU] on Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:32 am

Majeh stood back in 10th division, looking out the the window. He turned around and pulled up his chair, seating himself, and putting his head on the desk, on his folded arms, he began to think.

Majeh: "Later I'll visit Karasu."


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Post by Gremlin on Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:47 am

Tony:pfft that was a hell of a battle
*Ariel runs up to Tony*
Ariel:Tony what happened
Tony:Majeh told me not to tell anyone even though we are family
Ariel:whats gonna happen to me
Tony:well Ive got a mission to go to....
Tony:but before i go im gonna appeal to The Captain of the 1st division
Ariel:thanks Tony*hugs him*
Tony:hehehehehe no prob*btw we might be expecting a new member to our Team.
Ariel:a new member?
Tony:yer but its on the hush hush
Ariel:well you go and get ready
Tony:ok cya sis*shunpos*

*at the first division entrance*
Tony:well here it is
???:Tony you think ill let you appeal without me
Tony:eh..Majeh Taichou
Majeh:common lets clear your sisters name
Tony:ok lets go

Ariel:well time to catch up on some shut eye...zzzzzzzz
*In Ariels dreams*
???:hehehe you see you are weak
Ariel:what do you want
???:you know what i want i want Tony
Ariel:he isnt here
???:well then might aswell Kill you Gran Rey Cero*blast Ariel*now let the slaughter begin
*1 hour later*
Ariel:huh im not dead wait what happened here


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Post by Majeh[NU] on Tue Apr 28, 2009 5:47 am

Majeh and Tony stood before the huge door which led to the first division barracks, and the captain commander. Two guards stood perfectly still, spears crossed so as to deny entrance. They were wearing silver armor, they also carried sheathed Zanpakutou by their sides. Their faces were expressionless, almost as if they weren't actually alive...

Majeh walked up, hands in pockets. Tony followed closely behind him.

Guard: "What business do you have here?"

Majeh: "Captain of Squad 10, Arashi Majeh, to see Head Captain Yamamoto."

Guard: "Identification?"

Majeh handed over a document that he took from behind his robes, tucked close to his chest. The guard examined it closely before looking up at Majeh again.

Guard: "Access granted, you may proceed."

The doors opened slowly, then speeding up and slowing down again to a stop as they opened fully.

The guards moved their spears so as to allow entrance to Majeh and Tony.

The doors creaked closed behind them and then slammed shut with a bang.

Majeh: "Your first time being here Tony, take it all in..."


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Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:44 am

Jajji: What is it?
Shinigami: Its an emergency! Primal Shambler has appeared!!!
Jajji: WHAT?! That damned hollow...
Shinigami: What should we do?!
Jajji: A hollow as ancient as him can only be dealt with by a captain. I shall go...

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Post by battosaixgirl on Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:57 am

Rin: I'm...I'm getting reassigned?

Rin questions her new Taicho's tactics as she walks around her room.

Rin: What's -my- Taicho gonna think? that's just gonna start a whole new tension with the divisions.

She plops on top of her bed and grins.

Rin: But this delima is gonna get -very- interesting...

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Post by Gremlin on Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:05 pm

Tony:shit i think this was a bad idea
Majeh:nonsense we are here to help your sister
*Tony and Majeh wak into a huge room where a voice booms out*
Yamamoto:state you buisness here
Tony:*whispering to Majeh*I though he was much older
Majeh:the Yamamoto your thinking of died this is his grandson
Yamamoto:state your buisness
Tony:we are here or thr case of Ariel
Yamamoto:who the white viper
Tony:yes taichou
Yamamoto:we have already told you she is a killer...
Tony: i have proof she did not do it!!
Yamamoto:Proof huh all the witnesses are dead
Tony:execpt for one
Yamamoto:Oh rly
Majeh:be serious Tony
Tony:ok..will Shinigami No One Will Remmebers come to the stand please
SNOWR:Yes Tony-sama
Tony:tell the judge what happened

*30minues later*
Yamamoto:well then hmm
Yamamoto:ok this case is closed she is free to go
Tony:huh thank you Taichou sama thank you
Yamamoto:now you may leave
*Tony and Majeh walk out of the division to the tenth division*
Tony:ah Majeh im so happy drinks on me
Majeh:Well cant say no to a cold beer Very Happy


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Post by Majeh[NU] on Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:45 pm

Karasu awoke in his hospital bed. Sunlight came into the room, but didn't reach his bed. He was in the shade, it was better that way. Karasu suddenly remembered what happened as sat up quickly, looking around him. He then calmed down and dropped back, his head landing on his pillow, his arms by his sides. His Zanpakutou was sitting upright, leant against his bedside table beside him, within reaching distance. He lifted it up, examining it, before sighing and putting it back down.

Karasu: "Being locked up in that damn cell, I'm out of practice..."

Karasu turned onto his side as he looked out the window. The light was moving closer to him. He got up, changed into his shinigami attire, strapped his zanpakutou to his side, and left.


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Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:52 am

In a city in the human world, a hollow remains hidden in a large tree with invisible spirit roots connected to every human soul in the city.
Primal Shambler: Soon.... I shall feast...
Jajji sets off.
Shinigami: Captain, you sure you want to go this one alone.
Jajji: I know what I am doing. This time we shall eliminate him.

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Post by Ragmaan on Wed Apr 29, 2009 6:08 am

"Not. So. Fast!"

Karasu stopped, as he was suddenly blocked by Kyou.

"You aren't ready to leave yet. You took some signifigant damage."

Anticipating some trouble, various voices called out from the fourth division.

From the reports that Kyou had recieved, this man was a strong individual, and as such, he had called for as much help as he could get. Most every strong kido user was there, and they all spoke at once.

Various binding spells were issued, with many layers of Sai, Hainawa, Geki, and even Rikujōkōrō and one Gochūtekkan.

The shimmering blaze of the power of the fourth division was all concentrated on one man.

"You can't leave just yet. We've only done the preliminary healing. That was the out of critical concern. It will be only a few more days at max (a few meaning three), so calm down, and you'll be escorted back to your room promptly.


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Post by battosaixgirl on Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:05 am

Rin ties her belt around her waist, puts her zanpaku-to at her side, and leaves her room.

Rin: this won't be so bad...I might even have a good time. I love to fight so...yeah! This will be fun. As long as that guy isn't annoying...

Rin walks to the gate where Tony is waiting. He grins.

Tony: You finally decided to show up.

Rin: You didn't give me a certain time so...whatever. Your fault.

Tony: This will be interesting...

Rin: Okay, okay...let's just get this started!

Tony: You seem excited.

Rin: Shut up.

Tony: Well, let's go then...

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Post by Gremlin on Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:26 pm

*in the human world*
Tony: we have finnaly arrived
Rin:so this is the real world
Tony:wow...your talking as if this your first time
Rin:well erm..
Tony:this is your first time hahaha
Rin:shut up!!
Tony:well*sits down*im gonna catch some shut eye
Rin:do you do this every mission?
Tony:yerp every mission i have Smile
Rin:wow im surprised you havent been killed yet
Tony:wow thats the same thing Majeh said
Rin:im gonna scout around ok
Tony:sure im gonna go to my safe house
Rin:safe house...where is it?
Tony:why so you can steal all my supplies?!
Rin:are you always paranoid
Tony:nope im just messing come on
*at the safe house*
Rin:this is your safe house!!!!?
Tony:yer its a mansion Razz
Rin:wow is their a....
Tony:jacuzee tub yes 2
Tony:lets go upstairs
*in rins room*
Tony:this is your room get dressed and meet me downstairs
*Tonys room*
Tony:now what to wear *pulls out a black jeans white and gold addidas trainers and a white shirt*ready
*10minutes later*
Tony:Rin hurry up you are taking forever


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Post by battosaixgirl on Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:02 am

Rin: Ugh...so annoying...why won't they stretch?!

Tony: Rin! Hurry up! You're taking forever!!

Rin: Sorry...be right down!!! Forget this...

She throws on the pair of jeans anyway and walks downstairs in the jeans, green sneakers and a green hoodie with different color stars on it. She tugges at her clothing as she walks down the stairs.

Tony: *whistles* you look good.

Rin: *rolls eyes* sorry it took me so long...I tried to stretch out the jeans...never liked tight clothes.

Tony: EH, your fine...now let's go.

Rin: Where are we going?

Tony: Patrol, of course.

Rin: Like this?

Tony: Yeah, why not? Go have some fun.

Rin: Whatever.

They walk into town and Rin stares in amazment into all the shopd windows and such.

Tony: You really -are- new at this.

Rin: Well...this is really cool! I lobe stuff like this~~~ But what do we do now?

Tony: You'll see...

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Post by Gremlin on Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:05 pm

Tony:ok lets eat
Tony:yer theres a Mc Donalds near here
Rin:is there anything else??
Tony:well there is a chinese resturant across the street
Rin:Chinese?! Lets go there then*grabs Tonys arm and drags him*
*in the resturant*
Tony:erm resevrevation for Sir Tony and Lady Rin
Tony:dont worry about that ^^
Waiter:ah sir its nice to see you again
Tony:you too winsten
*at there table*
Tony:what to eat what to eat
Rin:why are you so calm?
Tony:if you have been to the real world several times then you will understand
Rin:but we are on patrol
Tony:yer im patroling the food into my mouth
Rin:not funny...
Tony:either way we need to eat before that ugly thing comes
waiter:sir madam your meal is served
Tony:ahh now im ready
Rin:hmmm looks good
Tony:hope your paying for yourself you know
Tony:only kidding hehehe
Rin:you are too playfull
Tony:i know*puts food near his mouth*
Tony:damn and i was so close too
Rin:*talking with her mouthful* what was that
Tony:0_0(WTF)....erm the hollow is here
Rin:what im hungry >.<
Tony:lets just go
Tony:tell winston we will be back for our food#
*Tony and Rin jump out of the window and shunpo to where the hollow was*
*where the hollow is*
*Tony and Rin arrive*
Tony:and this will be your Test hehehe
Rin:its kinda big dont you think?
Tony ill be here for backup ok


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Post by Majeh[NU] on Fri May 01, 2009 1:59 am

Majeh woke up at his desk, looking around him to make sure no one had noticed that he had been asleep. No-one. Majeh got up and entered his captain's chambers. He sat down on a comfy sofa.

Majeh: "Tony had better not be messing around on the job again....aw hell, he most likely is...Ugh..."

A hell's butterfly flew in through Majeh's open window and made its way over to him.

Butterfly: "Karasu is not yet ready to leave the hospital, but will be in about three days."

Majeh stretched and decided that it was time that he head over to the Technological Research Bureau and get some work done, seeing that there weren't any distractions at present.

Suddenly, as Majeh was walking in the street, he felt an unusual reiatsu eminating from somewhat nearby. He stopped and sensed where it was coming from. The problem was that it was familiar...

Majeh shunpoed to the area and looked around. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Then he saw it on the wall, a splash of blood. His face changed to one of horror as he recognised the reiatsu. Mayakashi was back, and seeing as there was fresh blood, it was natural for Majeh to assume that he was disguised as a regular shinigami, but which one? This was a busy place. He could be being watched... Majeh spun around, looking for any obvious signs of the notorious former captain of 12th division, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Majeh: "Hopefully I don't draw too much attention to myself..."

Majeh smiled as he released quite a large amount of reiatsu. Mayakashi had noticed it. Majeh's plan had gone according to plan, as shinigami began fainting due to the immense reiatsu, and he wasn't releasing anywhere near his full power. All of the shinigami were down, but one stood standing. Majeh smiled a hidden smile, then launched himself at the shinigami. The shinigami fazed his form to look like Mayakashi, his true image. They clashed katana, standing on the roof of one of the the many walls of Soul Society.

Majeh: "This is not a good day for you, because without distraction, I can fight you properly."

Mayakashi: "You mean without backup... So, you think you can take me on by yourself?"

Majeh: "Yeah!"

Majeh withdrew his katana from the clash, making Mayakashi lean forward into a well placed kick. Mayakashi skidded backwards on the rooftop as Majeh appeared above him, swinging down his katana, Mayakashi blocking it above his head. Mayakashi used shunpo quickly and appeared behind Majeh, punching at him, as Majeh turned and caught his fist. Majeh swung a fist at him, but Mayakashi moved to the side, and grasping Majeh's arm, threw him through the air. As Majeh spun, regaining his balance and landing on the rooftops, Mayakashi kicked him further back and then flew at him with his katana ready for an attack. Majeh reacted quickly, jumping into the air, Mayakashi pursued. They clashed many times, before Mayakashi launched a kidou ray, blasting Majeh in the stomach and sending him into the ground. Then with a powerful beam, he crushed him further into the ground. Majeh got himself up, and evaded a sword attack. He retook a battle stance and waited for the next attack.


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Post by battosaixgirl on Fri May 01, 2009 9:06 am

Rin: Fine...I like the big ones...Spin your Web, KuroKumo~

Rin unleashes her whips and charges at the Grand Fisher. The Grand Fisher swipes at her but she jumps and wraps her whips around one of his tentacles. With the momentum she has on the way down, she manages to pull it off completely, the Hollow screeching in pain. Rin jumps back.

Tony: Not too shaby...better than I thought.

Rin: *big grin* You didn't even see half of what I've yesterday! This is nothing!!

Tony: ...you get really excited when you do this...

Rin: This is great. I love fighting...why do you think I'm a shinigami?

Tony: *sigh* What am I going to do with you? Whatever...finish him off in five minutes or I'll help ya.

Rin: *points whips in a straight line towards Grand Fisher* No biggie~ I'll show you one of my strongest...

The whips start to glow a dark color. Tony eyebrows rise. Rin mutters something under her breath.

Rin: *to herself out loud* KuroKiri(Black Drill)

The whips braid and intertwine themselves into a drill like figure, radiating off a powerful blackish prupleish reitsu. She jumps and charges at the Hollow and, since it is so big, cannot move out of the way in time. The attack hits the Hollow right in the mask, its head flying off. As the Hollow starts to disappears, Rin lands, catching her breath. Tony runs over.

Tony: What the hell? When did you learn that? Why didn't you use THAT against Mayakashi?!

Rin: *out of breath* I didn't know...what I was getting into...can't be using this attack on a...whim. And besides...it takes a lot outta me.

Tony: You're one girl to be messed with.

Rin: *smiles* Yup~ As expected of the girl who...saved you when you got kicked in the face~

Tony: Hey hey! Don't hold that against me...I wasn't trying at my hardest either.

Rin: *wiping blood off her face* I won't...I'm not that kind a person...I'm just deathly sarcastic~ ^___^

(N.A: Thought of that attack BEFORE I watched ttgl...so don't think I'm copying it~~ =] thank you~)

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Post by Gremlin on Sat May 02, 2009 10:46 pm

Tony:hehehe well guess what miss Sarcasam
Tony:that was just the Baby Hollow hehehe
Rin:why didnt you tell me
Tony:Did i have too??
Rin:now i wasted my attack
Tony:dont worry when the mum and dad come ill finish them off
Rin:T_T you are evil
Tony:didnt hurt when Majeh said it doesn't hurt now
*Two loud thuds are heard comming in both Rin and Tonys Direction*
Tony:noo need for Shikai
Rin:what are you serious??
Tony:i wanna go back and eat
Rin:ohhh so what you gonna do
Tony:just sit and watch
*Tony walked up and muttered some words but at the same time shunpoed away*
Rin:what the hell he left me
*meanwhile with Tony*
Tony:ok lets do this quickly
*Tony now had a spear in his hand and his outfit turnt into an angelic white with lines on the tip and now had wings on his back*
Tony:ok ugly bastards lets do this
*Tony lunges at both hollows and slices the father hollows mask while pirecing it in the side as it gave out an agonising scream *
Tony:daddys gone now for mama
*Tony held his spear in the air and made it levatate*
Tony:time to get back and eat...Tentou Arrow of Judgement
*Tonys spear Transforms into Golden shiny Arrows that blasted the female hollow and ade her evaporate*
Tony:now to get back to Rin*Tony shupos back to Rin*
Tony:mission accomplished lets go and eat then go back home Smile



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Post by battosaixgirl on Sun May 03, 2009 5:04 am

Rin: H-hey! That's no fair. There have to be more Hollows around here...let's go.

Tony: Nah~ Your tired and I'm hungry...let's go.

Rin: No...I'm fine. Just one more...

Tony: Well...

*Tony grabs Rin's arm and, in a flash, they're back at the resturaunt.*

Tony: No.

*Rin sighs and sits in her chair. The man brings the food out.*

Rin: Thank you.

Tony: Well, aren't you polite.

Rin: *glare*

Tony: What?

*5 minutes later*

Rin: Yum...that was good.

Tony: Wha? You ate all that in 5 minutes?!

Rin: Yeah...my friends say my stomach's a black hole~ ^___^

Tony: *rolls his eyes* Ha. ha. ha. Funny...

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Post by Gremlin on Sun May 03, 2009 5:24 am

Tony:you time to go back home
Rin: yer im tired
Tony:ok doki lets go
*In soul society*
Tony:hi every...one?
Rin:what happened here?
Tony:i dunno we just came here
Tony:are you gonna keep glaring or are we gonna find Taichou sama
*They both shunpo to the nearest area*
Ariel:hey wake up*punchs a guy in the face*
Tony:what the hell are you doing
Ariel:er hi Tony...*looks at Rin*WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!!
Tony:erm This is Rin the new member i told you about
Ariel:oh yer nice to meet you im Ariel
Tony:erm yer thats her she is my little sister
Ariel:*gives an evil glare*i hate that name
Tony:Ladys you can get aquainted later time to find Taichou
Ariel:ok ill look to find his Reitsu
Tony:ok Rin you come with me
Ariel:what should i do?
Tony:look for Majehs Rocket launcher thingy ma jig
Ariel:oh the weapon i helped him make?
Tony:yer that go *shunpos*


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Post by battosaixgirl on Mon May 04, 2009 10:16 am

Rin: What do you think happened?

Tony: I don't know...but like hell I'm gonna find out!

Rin: ...

Tony: What?

Rin: hey...um...did you use your bankai or something to take out those Hollows.

Tony: Maybe...why do you care?

Rin: *looks away* N-nothing...

Tony: Whatever...you weird. Let's just keep looking...we have to find Taicho-sama.

*Tony shunpos away*

Rin: I...I need to get stronger...

*Rin shunpos after Tony*

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Post by Majeh[NU] on Mon May 04, 2009 10:13 pm

MY ATTACK!!! O_O I demote you to 8th seat for that ^^ Just kidding Very Happy

Majeh and Mayakashi clashed katanas again. Mayakashi leant in close to him to speak.

Mayakashi: "You amuse me, soul reaper... but you will not defeat me, there is much more that I can do..."

Majeh: "Likewise, this is far from my limit..."

Majeh kicked at Mayakashi, but he blocked it.

Mayakashi: "I'll let you witness just a little taste of my power."

Mayakashi stabbed Majeh through the chest with his katana and then used a powerful kidou to blast him out of the way, backwards about 100 yards.

Mayakashi: "I'm tired playing, if you don't start fighting me for real, I'll kill you..."

Majeh got up and took out another capsule from his cloak. He opened it and a little first aid kit appeared, filled with a few of his inventions. Majeh lifted out a bandage and held it up.

Majeh: "Reiatsu healing bandage. One of the 4th squad helped me out with this one... Interesting invention really. See, it draws on some of your reiatsu and uses it to heal injuries, such as burns, cuts, or more excessive injuries, such as being pierced by a katana, quite remarkable..."

Majeh tied the bandage around the area where he had been stabbed, and it started to glow, healing his skin and inner tissues.

Majeh: "You missed my vital organs, thankfully. I woulda had to use the other type of bandage to restore them, and it's really painful..."


Majeh: "Don't count on it, now it's time to fight for real!"

Majeh held out his Zanpakutou.

Majeh: "Soar, Ryuu no Kaze!" (Soar, Dragon of Wind!)


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Post by Ragmaan on Wed May 06, 2009 7:16 am

Finally, the patient could leave. The moody sulky one.

But with the happiness of a nest mother, Kyou shooed the man out of there.

"go on, leave! We don't want you here anymore! Goodbye!"
Tears streamed down his face, as he cried silently as he watched the man go away.

"bai bai!"

it was the perfect ending.



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