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The tale of several swordsmen and a lake filled with heavenly light

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The tale of several swordsmen and a lake filled with heavenly light

Post by SCK[NU] on Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:58 am

Well no
but anyways, it's a story I've been making in my head and now imma introduce it to you people!

Anyways, the story takes place an alternive universe, if I were to say. What is it about, you wonder? About a man whom lives during war believing in a story his grandfather told him, and doing so bringing piece to all of the world, ending the war that has takes lives of so very many. Who is this man, you say? Beat Yoz. A very honest, happy and artistic man, who is sick of all the war in the world he lives in. He never had a father. Or well he did, but he doesn't even remember any of it, his father left so early. So, he grew with his sister and mother. But now back to the world! Just to inform you. It's alot like this world, maybe a little bit in the past. Pirates and all still exist. We got trains though, and cars? Yeaaahh. But not like what you'd see nowadays, to be exact. anyways. We got guns, obviously. The same way as pirates. In wars, however, the tradition of swordfighting is still highly respected, as the armies live by the "bushido", way of the warrior.

The bushido contains these rules a warrior must live by:

* Rectitude (義, gi?)
* Courage (勇, yuu?)
* Benevolence (仁, jin?)
* Respect (礼, rei?)
* Honesty (誠, makoto or 信 shin?)
* Honor (誉, yo?)
* Loyalty (忠, chuu?)

So, wars use guns. But not very advanced like nowadays, more like those pirates used to have and all. Swordfighting is highly respected.

Now, in this world, there are three countries that are in war. Names I have not yet decided but anyways! Everyone of them has their own "warlords", whom get their oders directly from the king:

Susumu Saruwatari, a swordfighter whom uses two katanas and carries a third just for luck, wich he sometimes also uses.

Cancer, a man who has several blades attached to his gauntlets. Grew up (and also worked) with a man nicknamed "Cerberus" whom then turns out to be the other main character, Cedric van Bellamy. (In army of this world, highranking people tend to develop nicknames such as this. Cancer's real name is Christopher Kane.)

Rooster, a swordfighter of two dually wielded highly deadly dagger like weapons called "Reapers", took place of "Chopper Tedd", as he was defeated by Susumu. Real name unknown.

These three men all control their own armies of trained swordfighters. Susumu's soldiers are known as "Swordjacks", Cancer's soldiers as "Crabjacks" and Rooster's soldiers as "Grimjacks".

Later on, I'll be drawing some pictures to tell you about the scenes already in my head in higher matter, and also about the characters more precise.

Anyways, umnn Beat's mom dies at this one point, thanks to the war. And then, his sister gets sick. He joins the circus so he'd get money to take care of her, trying his best. And hey, that's what he does, but... she dies. After a while of drinkin and being sick of teh world, Beat get's over it, sort of. He heads off, jumps on a train and starts to travel... towards the Lake of Eternal Spring, a place his grandfather told him stories about when he was little. His grandfather is also who thaught him to use a sword: he had a dojo, when he still was live, and Beat passed it, now having a tattoo with the symbol of the dojo as a mark of it on his right shoulder.

The Lake of Eternal Spring. What is that? Well to most its just a story, not many even know of that story. But in reality, it does exist. It's a spring where the last dragon in the world lives, in the middle of north pole. And yeah, a spring in the middle of the north pole... never is it cold at the lake of eternal spring. Always warm, always spring. And like already told, a dragon lives here. Whenever someone comes there, the dragon will grant his or her wish. Almost impossinble to get there though: many many magical creatures and magic, things of nature.

(Stop reading unless you wanna know some major things that happen if I ever write this up as a full story)

On his way to this place, Beat meets a man called Cedric van Bellamy. A former parnet of Cancer the warlord, nowadays considered a pirate, also believing in the story about the spring of eternal spring, adventureing on the same goal.

So hey, they go on an adventure together, an adventure greater than ever. In the end as they finally reach the gates of the spring, there are them, the warlords, and Chopper Tedd, a former warlord looking for revenge... Cancer is after the two of them, Rooster is after the spring, Susumu is after Cancer and Tedd is after Susumu. Susumu and Tedd fight to death, Cedric sacrifises himself in order to Beat to reach the Spring and wish for "peace to the world". So Cedric fights Cancer, finishing him of and getting severely hurt himself. Rooster, however, proceeds to the spring with Beat, where it is they fight. Beat dies, but however, is brought back alive... then killing Rooster, and wishing for peace from the dragon, and, yay, it is now spring to all of the world... and all who died on the grounds of the spring are reborn.

Hurrdurr... Anyways. Sketches and larger detail stuff to follow once I draw teh pictuars!

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