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Weak Knight of The Eagle

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Weak Knight of The Eagle

Post by Weakjounin on Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:24 am

As a child Weak had shown great talent in fighting, he lived the first ten years of his life in the rural sides of his town, picking fights with adults and defeating them with a mere stick. He was known as Weak Eagle of the Slums. A great paladin heard of this promising lad and took him under his "wing" and trained him. He taught Weak about the evil art and the good art, he started to train weak in the art of magic, he started to teach Weak to become the perfect paladin. But because Weak grew up in the slums, he had a hatred for the town's false justice and slowly sank nearer to the side of evil. When one day, his mentor passed on all techniques to him, He started to study dark arts. He then mastered the basics. He used his knowledge of his master and killed the great paladin. But the guilt suppressed his inner evil and he decided to become a paladin.
That is until he met Nowe.

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