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A Serious Tone (Can't think of a better name still)

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A Serious Tone (Can't think of a better name still)

Post by Alucard009 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:45 pm

Alan "Decent length story that's in the works by me. Warning: Does contain bloody descriptions that may be a little disturbing, so reader discretion advised, but not like that's going to stop you from reading it anyways. Double-Spaced so you don't lose your spot in a wall of text."


I never did like rain all that much. Getting your clothes wet and going inside to leave trails of water

and dirty footprints wherever you went isn't exactly something I can say I'm fond of.

It was raining pretty hard that day in October. The clouds had formed around The City and water

fell from the sky. I was inside, warming myself up in a blanket on the couch in front of the TV, a

game of 1 man Scrabble in progress. As I drank a cold soda, a knocking sound was heard at the

door. It was Alucard. I opened the door and in he came in a dry black raincoat holding a sopping

wet umbrella. Investigation on what the Archfiends were up to yielded no results he told me.

“We haven’t heard from them in 2 weeks.” He said calmly as his eyes drew their attention to the

board game. “No banks robbed, no murders occurring, not even a mugging or street fight from

any of them. I know there’s something going on, but we have no leads.” I looked over to him.

“Well there’s gotta be something. Maybe instead of waiting for a disaster we should act now.

They’re always the ones attacking us at home, why not have us strike them this time?” Alucard

pondered for a second before responding. “It’s true, usually they hit us whenever they have a

chance, maybe we can hit them hard and find out what we’ve been searching for.” He gave me a

glance and we made eye to eye contact. “Sadly though, you’ll have to be on your own, Alan.

There’s some paper work I have to file for my court appearance tomorrow. Maybe we’ll finally

have this case finished up.” I understood that I’d be alone. The trial had been going on for a week,

and now that he had conclusive evidence, it was time to get the Guilty verdict. I got up from the

couch and grabbed my trench coat. “Alright then. I’ll go right now. Can you order something to eat

for when I get back?” “Sure thing. How about a pizza?” “Slap everything on it and I’ll be happy.

B.C.ing you, Alucard.” He picked up the house phone as I stepped out into the dark street. It was

8 PM, yet in this rain and dark, I probably wouldn’t have known had I not checked my phone. I got

into a car and immediately began driving to their Fortress, heavily armed and ready.

The drive was rather peaceful on the way there. No traffic in this city when the weather’s bad. It’s

like no one wants to go out. I only know a few people who like the rain, so it wouldn’t be a surprise

for me if they were happy right now. The final stretch to the Fortress was taking a longer time than

usual, but I wouldn’t speed up. Approaching the place was like the calm before the storm; I’d best

enjoy it while I can. 20 minutes later and here I am, standing at the front entrance. It was so dark

that the Fortress was not even visible from where I was. Since we were surrounded by a forest far

out of The City, it was inevitable that this place would be dark as Hell. I pulled out a small

flashlight and brought myself to the front entrance. I didn’t know whether to kick the door open

and ready myself or to sneak in and hope to avoid a fight, but after a while I didn’t feel like stalling

enough, so I just rammed the door with my boot and stepped inside with my Tommy Gun out. With

no one around, I quietly closed the door and looked around. The place looked darker than usual.

The fireplace on the left was giving the most light in the pitch black. I figured I’d check the Torture

Room and the Cell Blocks first to see if there was anyone who needed saving. I shined the light

carefully around and began approaching the elevator. Pushing the button, I waited for a second

and the elevator quietly appeared. The Cell Blocks were available, so my hand pushed the button

to go there. The door opened with a ding that made me smack my face. “I hope that didn’t alert

anyone.” I said quietly to myself as I readied my Tommy Gun. It was just as dark as everywhere

else, so I shined my light low and looked around. In 5 minutes I had searched the entire place and

hadn’t found another living soul. I did happen to stumble across a guy in a cell who made a noose

out of his clothes and hung himself. May he rest in peace. I can only assume he didn’t want to be

tortured or interrogated that badly after hearing rumors about MM. Now that I knew that,

something possessed me to check the Torture Room. I pressed the button and the elevator went

up, this time without a ding. As the door opened, I heard a female voice singing.

“Rain, rain, don’t wash these bloodstains...”

I continued to hear the voice as I shut my light off after hearing a horrific scream. A man’s scream

of pain. I moved as quickly as I could while making as little sound as possible and saw something

disturbing. MM was standing underneath a single lit ceiling lamp, playing with the insides of a man.

She had cut open his stomach and was sitting inside him, handling his insides like she was playing

while singing cheerfully. She was drenched in the man’s blood.

“Rain, rain, angels took away your pain...”

I held myself together and tried to move away, but I knew she could detect me. Ever since I

entered the room, MM had known I was around. That was when her face rose up and I saw a

sickening smile coming through a mouth covered with blood smears going my way. She drank a

handful of blood and immediately sprang from inside the man onto me. MM was smiling like I’ve

never seen her before, and it was scaring me. The whole situation was freaking me out.

“Why Alan!” She said enthusiastically “it’s been a while now, hasn’t it? We should have some fun

now!” “MM...what where you just doing right now?” I asked her. I saw what she was doing, but I

felt I had to ask her myself. “Why, I was just playing with that nice man right there. We should

play together right now! Come on, take a seat!” She dragged me over to the man’s corpse and

tried to shove my face into his stomach. I pushed off the ground and got to my feet. “What, you

don’t want to play? That’s mean! Have a heart, damn you!” As she said that, she ripped the man’s

heart out and slammed it into my forehead, bits of blood and parts of the heart flying everywhere.

I had a huge urge to puke, but if I showed weakness she’d only get more insane. “Geeze, so this

is how you get blood on that shirt. Looks like I have no choice.” I ready my fists and get into my

fighting stance. She lunges right at me, but I get on my back and roll back with my legs out,

sending her into the wall behind me. Unfortunately, MM recovers on the wall and kicks me hard in

the right side of the head. I start moving erratically to confuse her and quickly catch her left

straight, grab the back of her head, and begin kneeing her in the face. After 3 knees, she kicks me

off and punches me thrice and ends with a roundhouse that catches the left side of my head. She’s

much faster than I’m used to, and I’m losing badly. I shift gears and change to kicks. I do a right

roundhouse followed by a left side kick followed by another right roundhouse ending with a right

side kick that she fails to dodge. When it makes contact, I rush in and tackle her on the ground

and begin punching her in the face. She rolls over and throws me off, then springs up and elbows

me in the stomach. At this point I’m starting to hurt a lot, so I decide to go all out. I snap the

fingers on my right hand and she jumps back. MM knows well what I’m about to do. Suddenly she

gets shoved from behind and is pushed into my jumping front kick. 2 ghostly hands pick her up by

the arms and I run right at her, ramming her against a wall. I then jump back and get ready. My

special move. I snap my fingers again and several hands appear. We begin punching her dozens

of times against the wall, and after 10 seconds I bring her up to me and we give her one

simultaneous punch that sends her flying across the room. “DIVINE RAGE!” I yell. A crater forms

on the wall I punched her into and she gets up, coughing out a mix between her blood and the

dead man’s. “Heh heh, very good, Alan. You haven’t gotten any weaker. I gotta say, if I had to

lose a fight, I’d lose this one. Sadly though, I’m far from finished.” MM stands up and suddenly

dashes across the room in an instant. I attempt to dive roll out of the way, but she catches my leg

in mid roll and slams me into the ground. I try to recover, but she then hoists me on her shoulder

and falls backward, again slamming me into the ground. I can’t move at all as she drags me to a

table with metal rings for holding people in place on it. I get my arms and legs strapped down and

she begins pummeling me. I can’t keep fighting anymore and I lose consciousness.

-To be continued.

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Re: A Serious Tone (Can't think of a better name still)

Post by Alucard009 on Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:16 pm

Alan "Part two. This is the Alternate version. If requested, I'll post the Original."


I wake up in a cell like the ones I saw earlier. In fact, I was in the same cell as the man who hung

himself, for he was still there. I looked at his body and searched his pockets for anything that

could help. Without my trench coat, I was unarmed. I found a pocket knife on him, and asked for

forgiveness, promising him it would be put to good use. I sat in my cell for what was probably 20

minutes. I didn’t want to fall asleep, for I knew I was fortunate enough to be sitting in a cell and

not on an operation table with MM holding the scalpel. After that wait, I heard MM slam the door

and jump in front of me. “BOO! Did I scare you? Of course I did! Admit it!” She said with that same

bloody smile from earlier on her face. I tried to look at her even though I assumed eye contact

would be a bad idea with her right now. MM then pulled out a green present box wrap with a red

ribbon. “Here, it’s a present for you. I missed your birthday, after all.” She cracked the cell open

so she could fit her hand in and tossed the present inside. I acted quickly. I jumped straight up

and kicked the box towards the cell while lunging at it. I was hoping the box would stop the cell

from closing and give me time to pull the cell door open to escape. Sadly, the present missed its

mark and MM slammed the cell shut. She simply gave me a sweet looking smile and walked away.

The present laid down on the floor of the cell, me staring at it from above. I knew this was a

blatant trap, but I figured it would beat waiting around. I opened up the present and bang, there it

was. It was a lone pipe bomb with a timer on it. How sweet. I liked pipe bombs and all, so maybe

it wasn’t such a bad gift. That’s when I had the idea. I grabbed it and quickly took part of the

man’s noose, tying the pipe bomb to the other end of the cell’s lock. I quickly crawled under the

wooden bed, putting the man’s body in front of me for cover. After a minute, the pipe bomb went

kaboom, destroying the lock and blasting the door open. I crawled out and saw the full results.

Metal had flown and lodged itself in the man’s body. Metal that would’ve hit me if he wasn’t there.

May that man definitely rest in peace. I quickly scrambled to my feet and whipped out the pocket

knife. Looking around and hearing a welcome silence, I summoned the elevator and decided to

enter the Torture Room again. I needed my weapons back.

I quietly walked into the room as the elevator arrived and saw her “playing” with someone else in

my trench coat. This time they were alive, covered in blood and crying for mercy. “Please, stop!

For the love of God, stop this!” “I’m going to Hell anyways, so why do I need God’s love? Come

on, you’ll make a great birdman!” I saw what she was talking about. She was piercing feathers into

the man. His arms were covered in them. “Now that you’ve got wings of the sort, FLY!” She pushed

a button and a large pit appeared. MM hoisted the unfortunate man onto her shoulders and threw

him headfirst into the abyss. After a while of yelling, I heard a sickening sound echo into the room.

“Aw...he didn’t fly at all. At least he looked good on the way down...” She pushes the button again

and the pit closes. “...Right, Alan?” Well bollocks, she knows I’m here again. This time though, I

have a surprise for her. I hold the pocket knife in my fist and get ready for a fight. “We’re going to

fight again? All right! If I win, we’re gonna play a game!” “I take it that game isn’t going to be

Scrabble?” I say trying to keep my sense of humor in this dire situation. “No, it’s called ‘Serve Alan

glasses of his own blood!’ Doesn’t that sound fun or what?” “Maybe if I was a masochist and or a

glutton for punishment, which sadly I’m neither of.” She laughs and darts forward. I swing my fists

and catch her with a left hook and follow up with a right. I’m thinking to myself “when is the best

time to pull out the knife?” as I fight. MM is playing around now, throwing exaggerated attacks and

smiling wider than usual. As she begins to run at me to try and tackle me, I quickly unfold the

knife, bring it into a reverse grip, and spin around looking like I’m about to stab myself. I bring my

arm past my side and the knife catches MM’s chest. She now has a 4 inch knife piercing into her.

She still smiles, but when I turn and bring the knife downward through her flesh, she has a painful

look on her face. “Dammit! You’re cheating...” she says through her bloody mouth. I then turn

around and grab the back of her head, punching her several times in the face before taking the

knife again and jamming it into her chest. MM looks shocked. I dash behind her and remove my

coat from her back and leave as I begin putting it on. I run to the elevator and get out to the Front


I get into the car and get the Hell out of there. I sped up since I didn’t want to think about being at

the Fortress. I reach into my coat pocket for gum and I feel a piece of paper. I slow down as I

open it and realize it’s a letter about the plan.

“To MM...

It seems that the manuscript’s instructions translated say the ancient weapon is powered by human sacrifices. I will have you kidnap people and painfully torture them to death, putting them inside the pit in the Torture Room to stockpile. We need 15, so go ahead and get started when you read this. I know you’ll enjoy it, so that’s why assigning this to you.

Have fun,

“So damn...They have an ancient weapon powered by killing people? Kill some to kill more, eh?

Well, I better ask Alucard about this.” I open the glove compartment and take an aspirin. When I

get to the house, I tell Alucard about what happened and write a journal entry before going to

sleep. I was beaten up and tired, so lying down in my bed made me feel much better. Enough

horrors for one day.

-To be continued?

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