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Random Battle! (Universe Related)

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Random Battle! (Universe Related)

Post by Alucard009 on Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:52 pm

Alan "Just a random thing I felt like typing up. All came off the top of my head. Also, feel free to leave comments if you want. Feedback is appreciated."

I get up off my bed and wash up. 10:34’s the time, and already things are getting

interesting. Within moments of leaving my room, a ship crashes through the roof of the

house and MM springs out. “You’re coming with me!” she says as she points at me in

some strange one legged stance. I jump and kick her in the face as she tries to land on

me after losing her balance in that stance. I let her get up so I can deliver a classic

combo with extra blows thrown in. Just as I right roundhouse her into a table, a chain

grabs my right arm and pulls me into a hand that picks me up and tosses me into my

room. “Villain’s here too? Finally getting off your ass to do a job that isn’t paperwork,

huh? Must be excited.” I comment. “Oh ha ha. Just because I do all the paperwork

doesn’t mean I don’t get to do things too.” He says. I’m only playing around, and I’m

pretty sure he’s humoring me. He whips a chain at me and I dodge to the right, then to

the left, then right again only to get hit by a lash. I hold my chest and ready up a trick.

Snapping my fingers, I jump up, and suddenly 2 ghostly hands appear under my feet and

let me jump again, throwing Villain off guard and allowing me to go right down and punch

him in the face and kick him into the wall. I then pick up the entrenching tool next to my

bed and swing it from right to left with both hands, hitting him in the face with the flat

side. As I ready another swing, MM kicks me and shoots my legs with her tie up gun (A

gun that fires rope that instantly binds 2 things together, usually used on a person to

restrain them quickly). I push myself onto my feet and keep her away long enough to

snap my fingers again. 2 hands hold her arms in the air and I hop over and headbutt her

in the face. Cutting myself free with my butterfly knife, Villain handsprings up and catches

me with a sidekick that sends me back. I recover via rolling backwards and pull out my

laser pointer, firing it and hitting him in the stomach. He holds that spot I hit while

swinging a chain rapidly to keep me away and MM lunges at me. I do a drunken fall (fall

on your back with your leg out and kick upwards as you go down) that hits her in the

face and knocks her to the floor. I get up and Villain pulls out one of his signature

weapons: a revolver with a large knife under the barrel for close range combat. He

begins spinning it rapidly and fires rubber bullets at me. I dodge them and get close

enough to reverse sweep him with my left leg. As I rotate around and face him again, I

snap my fingers and multiple hands help me uppercut him into the ceiling. After he hits

the ceiling, I give him a good front kick as he falls to the floor. MM gets up and sounds

angry, but I suplex her from behind and she hits the ground hard.

With MM out and Villain looking exhausted (I’m pretty sure he can keep going), I put

them in my ship and take them to their Fortress. Villain grabs MM and brings her inside.

“We’ll try again another day. You haven’t seen the last of us.” He says rather calmly. “I

wouldn’t have it any other way.” I reply. My ship takes me back home and I sit down in

front of the computer to relax.

Are the meeeeeeeat buns reeeeeeeeeady yet?

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Re: Random Battle! (Universe Related)

Post by Doctor Diabolical on Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:46 am

Nice, quick brawl! Very Happy

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