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Heartbroken (Universe related)

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Heartbroken (Universe related)

Post by Alucard009 on Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:43 pm

Me "A random new story that doesn't have Alan in it, but still has a few faces we can identify. This is the 1st version."

Trevor got out of bed early and got ready. Putting on his skateboarding shoes, blue

pants, grey shirt, and black leather jacket, he ran a comb through his short flowing black

hair and put his switchblade in his pocket. He stepped out the door of his apartment and

walked down the street to the City Triangle while playing with a yoyo. Trevor sat down

on the fountain in the middle of the Triangle and put away his yoyo as he eyed the

Weapon Store. He heard rumors that an ArchFiend was passing by that day to buy a

powerful weapon. His goal was to steal the weapon and try to catch the villain for some

spare Money.

As he looked up, he saw a girl with long flowing black hair wearing a purple scarf, bloody

white T shirt, and black pants enter the store. She looked really upbeat and cheerful. He

only stared at the door of the store as he tries to bring himself together. She looked

really cute, and he would hope that she’d go out with him even though he’s a stranger.

Trevor usually feels nervous when there is a girl he likes, but this time is one of the few

where he planned on talking to her in hope he could score a date. He jumped up and ran

straight into the store and saw her holding a rather large grenade launcher with 2

barrels. “Yep, your order’s in. Came in 20 minutes ago. I know you like explosives, so I

also got you these grenades with extra explosives in them.” The girl jumped with glee.

“YAY! Finally I can flush out groups of enemies behind cover without pulling a pin and

waiting!” He really became nervous when he heard her. To think someone so innocent

looking (save the bloody T shirt) would be saying things like that. He stayed silent for a

few seconds before finally coming up and tapping her on the shoulder. “Yes? <3” She

said with a very sweet smile with her eyes closed. “Uh....hey...” Uh oh, looks like Trevor

isn’t exactly prepared, but how do you talk to a girl holding a 2 barrel grenade launcher?

“Hey what?” the girl asked, still smiling. “Hey, I was wondering...” Even he thought this

wasn’t going well. Speak up, man! “Wondering what? <3” she smiled even more broadly.

“Alright, I’ll get it out. I think you’re really cute. Can I...walk you home or take you

somewhere?” The girl closed her eyes and kept her smile as she put the grenade

launcher on the table and turned to face him. “Aw, you’re sweet! Thank you! Sure, can

you fly a helicopter?” Trevor had to hold back a stunned look on her face. He couldn’t

help but question where this girl gets her Money from. “Yes I can! It’s been a while, but I

can do it!” He knew he was getting himself into trouble. He was a skateboarder who

rode a motorcycle, but he told himself he should at least try. They got outside and

entered her purple helicopter. It looked like it had a new layer of sky blue paint that was

still drying. “I just had it painted, but it’ll hold.”

Trevor started up the helicopter and moments later they were flying in the direction she

wanted to go. He was amazed how simplistic the control scheme in her heli was. After 5

minutes of flying, she pointed at a building that stood out in the forest. “That’s where I

live! Land on the roof!” Trevor jumped. He had no idea who he was dating, but he knew

what the building was; it was the ArchFiend’s Fortress. “Okay man!” He thought in his

mind. “Pull yourself together! There’s no way someone this cute and mostly innocent

looking could possibly be evil! Just fly over there and...wait! This gives me a chance to

catch the one that wanted to go to the Weapon Store! I’ll catch him at his own place!”

He was half psyching himself out, but he had the biggest hope in his heart that the girl

he was taking home was not the person he wanted to turn in. They landed and walked

inside. “Shoot! I forgot my grenade launcher! I’ll be back!” The girl jumped in the

helicopter and it took off in an instant. Trevor pulled out his switchblade and entered the

door, walking down the hallway quietly. After navigating down a few corridors, he saw a

man wearing glasses with long flowing silver hair wearing a red vest over an overcoat

with chains going down the arms sitting at a desk sipping an energy drink. Trevor ran

towards him and stopped a few feet later and began shouting. “My name is Trevor! You

must be the ArchFiend who wanted to get that weapon today! I’m here to turn you in!”

He announced striking some awkward pose. The man calmly put down his energy drink

and pushed his glasses towards his face. “A bounty hunter or vigilante? Feel free to

attack me if you must, but you’re mistaken. MM went out to get a weapon from the

Weapon Store today. I had no intention of leaving the Fortress anytime soon.” “Lies!

You’re an evildoer who lies! Chances are that MM person is still here! In fact, YOU are

probably that person trying to act like you aren’t yourself!” Trevor continued shouting,

nervous as ever. “You’re highly mistaken. My name is Villain. MM is a girl, and she left for

the Weapon Store a while ago. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions.” “Oh no! That girl who

brought me here just left for that store for a weapon she forgot! I MUST COME TO HER

RESCUE!” he thought. “BUT FIRST I SHALL DEFEAT YOU!” He yelled at Villain as he ran

forward. Villain sighed and swung his left arm forward, a chain extending and knocking

the switchblade out of Trevor’s hand. “Wait for MM, don’t waste your effort on me.” “But I

must fight you, even if you aren’t my main target! You’re still an ArchFiend!” Trevor said

as he did a backflip to his knife and put it in his hand. He then tried to throw it a Villain,

but he pulls out a revolver and shoots it out of the air. “You’re good, but I will defeat

you!” He then did a handspring forward only to result in him slamming his forehead

against the desk Villain was at. Trevor got up and threw a punch, but he punched the

chair. Suddenly Villain’s voice is heard behind him. “*Sigh* This probably isn’t going the

way you planned, so I won’t hit you.” Trevor got angry and put his hands on the desk

and raised his legs to kick back, but Villain caught his legs and slammed him over his

head. The girl then came back. “You’re back! Help me defeat this ArchFiend so we can get

the Money!” he said. The girl looked rather confused. “Beat up my boss? What would

possess me to do that?” His jaw dropped and he fell to the ground. “You mean...YOU’RE

the ArchFiend?!” He forced himself to say. The girl looked at him “Of course I am! Here,

you dropped this.” She hands him a wanted poster that he recognizes because he

dropped it. Bummer, dude, that’s her on the poster with the same sweet smile. “What,

we can’t hang out anymore?” She said innocently. Trevor ran out the front exit and ran

as quickly as he could away from there. 20 minutes later he finds himself back in the City

Triangle, sitting on the fountain.


gaining himself the looks of all the passersby.

Are the meeeeeeeat buns reeeeeeeeeady yet?

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