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One Piece Rp

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Tue May 11, 2010 4:52 am

"Oh, hey guys~"

"What the hell happened?" Tony askes, slightly irritated.

Rin, still holding her bleeding arm, motions with her head to Taiyo, the marine, who is still laying where he was unconscious.

Rin: He came here looking for your bounties. The marines are enemies to pirates, right? So I told him to get lost. *looks at her arm* I got too close and didn't know he had a gun. I thought marines only had swords...sorry~

Tony sighs as Raph flies over and starts healing her. He pulls out the bullet, making her grimace.

Rin: *locking her teeth* I never knew getting shot with a gun would hurt so much...

Tony: What did you think? It stung a little. *looks over to the marine* let's kill this bastard.

Rin: No. Taiyo-san's a nice guy...

Tony: How do you know?

Rin: We shared a drink.

Tony: *stares* What are you?

Rin: *rolls her eyes* What? ^^

Raph: The bleeding's stopped. Now you can just rap it up.

She thanks him and goes into her bag, taking out a small rag. She lets her hair down and uses the rope to tie the rag down on to her wound.

Rin: See? No fuss. You guys wait for Karasu to wake up.
I'll stay on the lookout for more marines.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Tue May 11, 2010 5:23 am

Raphael: Whew, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Rin: Hey I see a ship heading this way!

Tony: Is it the marines?

Rin: No, its a unique insignia. Strange one actually, looks like a head facing upwards with a trail coming down his mouth.

Raph: ...what did you say?!

Rin: The sail is entirely red as the rest is in several shades of it.

Raph: ...it can't be...

As if on cue cannon-fire emitted from the oncoming ship. The ship came clear in the sights of everyone as it quickly sailed closer. The crew all wore loose crimson robes that completely concealed their flesh and they glared with blood lust towards the party.

Jonathon: Who the hell are these guys?!

Raph: ...The Red Hand, a demon worshiping cult hell bent on unraveling the world. I never knew they traveled sea-side as well. Looks like they still have a bone to pick with me...

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alucard009 on Tue May 11, 2010 7:02 am

Jonathan "Woah, I didn't know you picked a fight with some freak show roadies! You're one interesting mate, I'll give ya that."

Jonathan rummaged the marine's body and got a set of keys and handcuffs.

"Whoever these clowns are, they sure aren't pleased. Where to now, guys? Something tells me they aren't up for a round of drinks."

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Tue May 11, 2010 8:11 am

"Hey guys, aren't we forgetting the capt---" Rin started as a figure rose up from behind the group, looking into her eyes.

"Why'd you leave me!?" Karasu shouted, making the others jump in fright.

"Finally, you wake up!" Tony shouted back at Karasu.

"What do you mean, I was saving you from an early grave! If you could actually fight then I---" Karasu started yelling back at Tony.

"SILENCE!" Rin exclaimed, a look of fear appearing across Karasu and Tony's faces. "My god, you're like two children!" She finished.

"Nice to see you back on your feet, Karasu." Jonathan stated, smiling slightly.

"Why did you not fly up here?" Raphael asked, knowing the answer already.

"I couldn't." Karasu stated, a look of shock on his face.

"WHAT!?" Rin and Tony screamed in unison.

"I don't know, I can't use my wind..." Karasu said, looking at the palms of his hands.

"Wonderful timing..." Rin sighed.

"What do you mean?" Karasu stated, a cannonball flying at the back of his head.

"GET DOWN!!!" Tony shouted as Jonathan dove, tackling Karasu to the ground.

Tony lit up his fist in flames and punched forwards, incinerating the cannonball and exploding it into ashes. The crew covered their eyes. Tony stood tall, his fist up ready for another strike if it was necessary.

"Can you do anything to bring Karasu's powers back?" Rin asked Raphael, a look of worry on her face.

"I'll take a look." Raphael responded.

Raphael put his hands on Karasu and tried to find traces of his wind. Nothing. Raphael shook his head to Rin, looking downwards in disappointment.

"We're trapped in between a band of angry pirates and the Marines. I guess we're all gonna die..." Rin sighed again.

"Rin, believe in Tony." Karasu stated, looking her in the eyes.

"Y..yes captain." Rin replied.

"Tony, do you remember when this happened before?" Karasu asked, it seemed he had a plan.

"No...oh...YEAH! Last time you used that ability..." Tony replied.

"And you remember how we cured it?" Karasu asked again.

"No, but I remember you being in a coma, and being fine when you woke up..." Tony sighed.

"Jonathan, you got anything in that bag of yours that'll knock a guy out so his body can fully reset and repair itself?" Karasu asked hopefully.

"Let me see what I can do..." Jonathan replied.

"Are you serious Karasu, you knock yourself out and what do we do against these pirates?" Rin questioned.

"Normally I'd be fine, but I sense from the fear in your voices that we aren't fighting a low levelled marine, or low levelled pirates. Yes, I'm skilled with my sword, but we'll need more power than just that in order to fight someone stronger..." Karasu stated, explaining himself.

"How much time do you need?" Rin asked.

Karasu looked at Raphael who raised his eyes to meet Karasu's. He turned to face Rin.

"One hour." Raphael stated. "But if you use those wings, you will die this time..." He finished.

"Then perhaps that is as far as I could have gotten. I will decide what the situation calls for. I'm not about to lose here!" Karasu shouted as Jonathan took something from his bag and handed it to Karasu.

"One hour's sleep coming right up!" Jonathan said with a smile.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Tue May 11, 2010 8:45 am

Cultist: Sir, the boy is confirmed to be on that ship, orders?

????: Hehe, the cat has finally found the rat. How many are with him?

Cultist: Four, but it looks like one is injured.

????: Four pirates may seem weak, but the must be doing something right to survive the sea... nevertheless, tear them apart.

Cultist: You heard him brothers! KILL THEM ALL!!!

The Red Hand cultists continue their barrage of cannon fire as they move in closer to gun range. Several riflemen then aimed and fired as well.


Raph: Don't underestimate them, they aren't the run of the mill pirates!

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alucard009 on Tue May 11, 2010 9:28 am

Jonathan reached into his bag and pulled out a pocketwatch that had several sparkling gems in it.

Jonathan "Alright Karasu, just focus on this for a second..."

Karasu looked at the pocketwatch and Jonathan started swinging it back and forth subtly.

Jonathan "You'll fall asleep for precisely one hour. Rest up."

Karasu fell sound asleep and Jonathan looked around.

"(Maybe I shoulda added in that he'd fork over all the goods we get, but now's not the time.) Well, from what Raphael just said, something tells me the Marines are probably going to be less of a threat than the sideshow pirates, so maybe we can knock down some peons until an hour passes by. Let me signal my crew for reinforcements."

Jonathan reached into his pocket and pulled out a sling and a small firecracker. Lighting the firecracker, he put it in the sling and spun it around, launching it in the air 50 feet ahead of them. The firecracker exploded surprisingly loudly for its size and a red smoke formed.

"Alright, you guys lead the way."

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Tue May 11, 2010 9:52 am

Rin looks to the left and right, visualizing marines and pirates on both sides. In honesty, it freaked her out. She's been a pirate for three hours and her whole world was about to explode. She picked up her sword and put it in her sheath.

Rin: All right...first thing to do is to make sure nothing happens to Karasu while sleeps...so we should move him out of the way.

Raph: All right...

Jonathan: So what should we do now? Prepare for battle?

Rin: I guess so... I mean, we don't really have to worry about the marines. Taiyo said his admiral said not the chase the pirates...that he came on his own...

Tony: Admiral?

Rin: *facing him* Yea...what of it?

Tony: Great...this is great...

Rin: Don't worry Tony...between the four of us, we can stall for an hour easy~ ^^

Tony: Guess we don't have a choice, do we? *punching Rin playfully in the arm*

Rin: *in pain* Ah~~~~~~

Tony: Oh...uhh....

Rin: Yea...but don't worry. It's on my left arm...I'm a righty. *she draws her sword* I'm fine to fight.

Jonathan: Then let us prepare for battle.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Robert_Russell on Tue May 11, 2010 12:30 pm

-wakes up in the house Karasu and Johnathan left him in-

"yawn........! oh hell I fell a sleep!.... surely they wouldn't have left dock without me.....I wonder what is happening out side."

Atriarch then gos outside and checks on what is happening.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Tue May 11, 2010 1:40 pm

Raphael: Here they come!

Cultist: Prepare to board!

The Red Hand crew swings onto the group's ship. Many of them pull out swords and attack everyone and others fire gun shots from behind. Raphael guard's Karasu as the others fight the group.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alucard009 on Wed May 12, 2010 12:54 pm

{Wait, when did we get on a ship? Oh bloody hell, nevermind, I'm half lost anyways.}

{For Goral}

Outside a large firecracker explodes in the sky, creating a red smoke. Goral knows this means that Jonathan is signaling for help. Kay runs up to Goral.

Kay "Goral! Captain's in danger! Let's go!"

{For the Group}

Jonathan put his hand into his bag and threw what looked like a stick of dynamite with a fuse on it at the enemy.

Jonathan "Oh damn, I didn't light it! (I hope they ate that; that's not a bomb, that's a painted rock!)"

Looking at the crew, Jonathan tossed Rin a fancy flintlock pistol that had three barrels.

"Open fire, Rin! Those be exploding rounds!"

Jonathan leaped and dived to another bit of cover as the cultist's gunfire gave his log he was hiding behind some ventilation. He looked around and tried to pull out his butterfly knife, but he was stabbed in the left leg by a cultist. In pain, he bashed the cultist in the head with his other foot and limped over to cover, painfully groaning as he removed the sword from his leg and pulled out what looked like a bottle of water.

"The pain killer..."

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Gremlin on Wed May 12, 2010 8:51 pm

Btw we are on land not on the ship

Raph you look after my brother ok

Raphael:will do

Rin:well good luck ^^

Tony:who needs luck when you have the fist...see ya *dashes off*

Jonathan:well we better get started*drinks the water*

Tony attacks a whole line of marines but beats them down however they all pile up on top of him trying to weight him down.

Tony:sigh you are all idiots AAAAAAAAHHHH!!

bodies are seen flying away as Tony unleashes a barage of blows

Tony:who's nexts*grins*

???:i am....

Tony:the *%^& who let you out again

???:you dont need to know

Tony:this time Sharky im gonna kill you for what you did to Karasu..for what you did to me

Sharky grins as he Dashes at Tony but stops halfway as he turns back into his human form.

Sharky:what what happened what have you done? notices both Tonys hands had been bandaged

Tony:You though i would not come prepared for you this time Shark boy *grins*

Sharky:noo..you cant have that ...you do know your weak too

Tony:i came prepared for that too *dashes at Sharky*

Sharky*even without his power he is still fast!*

Tony punches Sharky and sends him flying into the wall as he gets read to stand up Tony is already infront of Sharky and puts both his palms on Sharkys chest.Time suddenly moved slowly for Sharky as he heard the words he dreaded...."Reject"......a huge explosion is seen as Sharky is sent flying and Tony is seen crashing down.

Sharky is seen flaoting i the air "he used Reject...in each palm...he nust be dead...*Blood comes out of his mouth as he whites out

Rin:what the hell was that!!

Jonathan:it was Tony..looks like he is hurt

Tony is seen walking out of the dust withcuts all over himself

Tony:shit that hurt..


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Thu May 13, 2010 2:11 am

(sorry, couldn't find that bit of detail Razz)

Cultist: Sir, we are losing numbers... we need you help.

????: Son of a &$%^&, you maggots can't do anything by yourself? Very well.

The group continues to cut down the cultists who seem to be endless.

Raphael: You guys almost got them.

????: Hello little sh*t, it's been awhile.

The celestial child turns to see an old foe. The leader of the Red Hand attackers was an enormous behemoth with greyish blue skin. His eyes were completely blindfolded but it was as if he could still see. He also had a long shaggy mane of brown hair. His fangs were the size of arms and gave a terrifying impression to those around him.

Tony: He's huge...

Sharky: Hm?

Jonathon: That thing the ring leader to the cultists?

Rin: What the hell is that thing?!

Raphael: ...That's Shabriri...

Shabriri: HeheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Been so long since I tore up any worthwhile flesh, this will be interesting!!!

Cultist: Hehe, you all are gonna get it now!

Raphael: He's a deacon, one of the strongest generals in the Red Hand, and the most psychotic one.

Shabriri: Kukuku... you shouldn't be flattering your killer, boy...

The monstrous cultist goes on all fours and dashes at the party. Despite his enormous size, he was actually quite agile as he leaps swipes marines (didn't know they were here too) like helpless fodder with his sharp claws. He then leaps into the air and lunges at Jonathan.

Shabriri: YOU'RE FIRST!!

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Gremlin on Thu May 13, 2010 6:06 am

(Tiki Sharky is a Shibukai and he is out cold cause tony Fucked his shit up Smile )

Tony punches Shabriri square in the face before he reaches Jonathan

Tony: the bigger they are the harder they fall*undoes his one of the bandages on his hand and tosses it to Jonathan* you would need this more than me...just say reject ^^

Rin:can i have one?

Tony:go to Karasu's pocket theres a white one

Rin:right..*runs to get it*

Tony:ahh Raph tell me abit about this bahemoth of a guy???


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Thu May 13, 2010 7:08 am

Raphael: His body is composed of giant eye sockets, DON'T look into a single one, they call him the demon that strikes blindness but each eye causes a different effect on you... not even I knew about all of them. Oh yeah, and he a big guy but I suppose you already figured that out.

Shabriri: Nice shot shrimp, but its my turn.

In one quick leap he swings his giant leg and gives Tony an enormous roundhouse kick sending him flying.

Shabriri: Your next, girl!

As Rin was running for the object the goliath intercepts her and sweeps her into the opposite direction.

Shabriri: Hehe... surely you all have more in your arsenal!

Jonathon: How could something that big be so agile?!

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alucard009 on Thu May 13, 2010 7:17 am

Jonathan grabbed the bandage and quickly wrapped it around his left hand. He was still bleeding, but after consuming the water he had lost the feeling of pain in his leg.

Jonathan "(Best be careful. I can still bleeding out...)"

Quickly reaching for his cutlass, Jonathan pulled it out and adjusted his bandanna, activating its secret power. Now completely invisible, he sped around away from the group jumping from tree to tree thinking of what to hit Shabriri with.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Thu May 13, 2010 7:21 am

Raphael: That is not gonna work! Shabriri is already blind as it is. His other senses can see anyone clear as day!

Tony: Kinda obvious since he has a blindfold on.

Shabriri: Hehe... nice try shrimp!

Shabriri, with his immense size and speed lept and outran Jonathon and pounded him into the ground midair.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Gremlin on Thu May 13, 2010 7:35 am

Tony wipes the blood from his mouth

Tony:good thing i still have the over reject dial..lets try this again *dashes at Shabriri at full speed using his fire as a boost.

Shabriri:so i guess your not dead huh

Tony:it would take more than that to kill me

As Tony dashes he uses his wind as aome what a propellar to project himself towards the demon" Flame Tornaedo " As he spun around vigourously he stuck his hand out with his bandage. "BURNING TORNAEDO REJECT!".He had caught Shabriri in the face...or so he thought.

Tony:did i get him?

Shabriri:hehehehe to use a reject dial not once, not twice but three times...that is a feat but it is a shame you must die! *kicks Tony aside*

Tony goes flying and is sent into a wall


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Thu May 13, 2010 9:34 am

Rin: Ah! Damn it...

Rin takes out a knife and stabs Shabriri in the hand, expecting him to let go of his grip on her. Yet, he doesn't let go and the knife actually goes through his hand and cuts her own skin.

Rin: Ai! What the hell? Fine then, bastard.

She takes out the pistol Jonathan gave her and opens fire, finally making him let go of his grip. She gets loose and backs away, both arms now bleeding. With her left arm useless from the previous marine. She draws her sword with her right arm (still injured but moveable) and charges. Shabriri blocks her sword with his arm, it not piercing his skin.

Rin: What the hell are you?

Shabriri: What's it to you, girl?

Rin kicks him with her right leg and holds her breath.

Rin: Uh...REJECT!

With the reject dial she attatched to her foot from Jonathan's bag before Shabriri attacks her, she sends both of them flying in opposite directions. She screams and looks down...seeing that her leg is nearly destroyed.

Rin: Come on Jonathan!

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Thu May 13, 2010 10:12 am

Rin, now lying with her leg broken and bleeding, was hoping to just make it out alive. She was tough, she loved a good fight, but this condition she was now in made it impossible to stand, let alone fight.

One of the cultists had taken this opportunity and was following the direction she had shot off in due to the blast.

"What do we have here?" The cultist said, a sadistic smile appearing across his face. Taking out a knife, he licked the edge as he stared Rin in the eyes. A cold, emotionless look, one that laid out his intentions. "I hope you scream, oh I love it when they scream..." He said as he walked closer.

"(Shit...)" Rin thought to herself. She took out her pistol and aimed it at the cultist. "Go to hell!" She screamed as she pulled the trigger.

The cultist laughed as he realised that Rin was out of bullets. He walked closer, kicking the gun out of her hands.

"And now, you die!" He yelled as he raised his knife, and began to bring it down.

Just as the killing blow was about to be dealt, the cultist stopped, no movement was made whatsoever. He managed to turn his head to watch a cloaked figure walk up beside him, continuing on past him. The figure knelt down and smiled to Rin.

"You ok?" He asked in a gentle tone.

"Much better now, that was a quick hour." Rin replied.

"Haha, I guess some of us just heal quicker." Karasu replied.

"LET ME FREE! SHE'S MINE!" The cultist yelled as he made an effort to dash forward.

Karasu clenched his fist as the cultist stopped where he stood and his limbs spread out like a star shape. Blood flew out of his mouth, his stomach dented inwards, his arms and legs were broken in several places as blood poured out of his eyes and mouth.

"I can crush you with my wind, you shouldn't have been so careless." Karasu stated as he opened his fist again, the cultist falling to the ground, dead.

"That was... how did you..." Rin stated, shocked by Karasu's display of sadistic power.

"I could feel the wind moving whilst I recovered, I felt something interesting, something powerful. Tell me, where is he?" Karasu stated, his mind set on killing one thing in particular.

Just then, Shabriri crashed down into the ground behind Karasu and Rin.

"AHH!" Rin shouted in fear.

"Perfect." Karasu stated as he turned around, blocking a monstrous punch from Shabriri.

"Ah, so you must be the captain?" Shabriri growled, his smile becoming wider.

"Houkou D. Karasu, and you are correct." Karasu replied as he exploded the area with wind.

"( This new power... This is like my old power... )" Karasu thought to himself as he readied himself to strike.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Thu May 13, 2010 10:19 am

Rin sighs as she sees Karasu run off. But is doesn't change the fact she's still in pain. She looks over and sees the pile of rubble that Tony was laying in. She starts to crawl over.

Rin: (wosrse comes to worst I'll be the one that bleeds out)

She eventually makes it over to the pile and starts to dig.

Rin: Tony...come on Tony...Tony...

Eventually she finds him still unconscious.

Rin: Come on man...nap times over... *punches him in the head*

Tony: Ah! what the hell?!

Rin: Go help Karasu.

Tony looks around, realizing where he is. Then he looks at Rin, covered in dirt and blood, the bone of her leg being seen.

Tony: Whoa...

Rin: Go help him Tony. Okay? I'll do what I can from here...

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Thu May 13, 2010 1:30 pm

Shabriri: This will be most interesting...

Raphael: You're not alone guys... now that I don't have guard your captain, let's do this for reals.

Cultist: Assist the deacon!

A group of gunmen appeared behind the giant.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Robert_Russell on Thu May 13, 2010 1:32 pm

"Kay, where the hell is my gun?"
-runs to help, draws silver cutlass-

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Gremlin on Thu May 13, 2010 11:24 pm

Tony runs over to Karasu and pats him on the back

Tony:good to see you napped well bro what where you dreaming of??

Karasu:you know what i was dreaming about ^^

Tony:Metllica huh? well at least i dont have to hold back now ^^

Shabriri:hold back hahahahahahahaha you put all your power in

Karasu:Tony is not as weak as you think...i have to be quite frank with you...even if he did not have devil fruit powers..he would practicaly kill me
in a fist to fist
Tony:heheehe its rare for me to do this*takes of his top*




What was seen where various scars Tony had endured from battles and self training but the one that caught everyone by surprise was a scar that had not been fully healed on his back

Karasu:now you see that big scar was what he got when he battled an admiral in the marines

Tony:i dont mind it not healing but bow its time to be serious!*expoldes into an inferno and cloaks himself with his fire*

Karasu time to end this


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Fri May 14, 2010 12:09 am

Shabriri: Interesting, let me show you something...

Shabriri pulls out 5 pairs of eyeballs attached to a necklace.

Shabriri: I scoop my victims' eyes out as a trophy, these five pairs here are the five admirals that were so unfortunate to have crossed my path. It is unwise to compare the Red Hand to some wannabe heroes like the marines! MEN!! FIRE!!!!

The cultist men take fire upon the group as an enormous eyelid on Shabriri's shoulder opened up.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Fri May 14, 2010 2:30 am

Rin leans back against the wall and takes short shallow breaths. She's bleeding out. She knows it and it sucks. She looks at the gun Jonathan gave her and throws it aside.

(Useless...) she takes out the one she used to shoot Sharkey, still loaded, and keeps it in her hands.

Rin: This is...the only thing I can do I guess...

She holds up her pistol and shoots the cultists as they come off the ship. The fall right to the ground, obviously not as strong as Shabriri. She sighs, wishing they were all this easy and looks on top of the hill. Her eyes go wide as she sees a Marine ship.

Rin: Damn it.

She tries to get up with no avail. She takes off her sweater and raps it around the bloody mess she once called her leg. With that she manages to get up and lean herself against the wall.

Rin: If I can just get closer enough...I can throw the dynamite...and finish it...

Even though she knows she can't get anywhere, she tries to make her way to the shoreline.

Rin: This...is so pointless...

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Re: One Piece Rp

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