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One Piece Rp

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sat May 01, 2010 3:55 am

"Alright, I'm holding the water back with my wind, make sure you're quick though!" Karasu shouted to Tony who had already ran on ahead and jumped down into the split Karasu had made.

"That should hopefully be the last trap..." Jonathan said, relief evident in his voice.

"I'm not sure, Tony is there anyway, he can take care of them both. Holding the water apart takes a lot of focus, so if something happens up here, you'll have to take care of it, ok?" Karasu stated.

"Yeah, that's fine." Jonathan replied, sounding excited that something might happen.

Meanwhile, Rin was climbing down to the bottom of the lake, while Tony had just jumped in. He was getting quite close to the treasure, in that he could see it now.

"HUGE TREASURE CHEST!" Tony shouted to Rin, the others hearing him too.

Suddenly, Tony spun around and crashed into the wall below Rin.

"Tony!" Rin shouted to him.

Tony shook his head and then exploded into flames. Rin looked down to see him, she could feel the intense heat emanating from him.

"Rin, go back up to Karasu, we're not alone here..." Tony said in a calm tone, looking around for the enemy.

Meanwhile, on top, Karasu had felt something in the water.

"Jonathan, go get Rin out of there... I can feel something moving at speed in the water. It's affecting the feel of the wind... The way it penetrated my wind barrier... that's not a good sign..." Karasu stated, concerned.

Jonathan nodded and sprinted over to the edge of the water and looked down, Rin was attempting to climb back up the wall whilst Tony was hovering in the air lit up in flames. Just then, something burst out of the wall of water again and hammered Tony from above with his fists, shooting him straight down, crashing into the ground at the bottom. The enemy vanished back into the water again, and flew out at immense speed punching Tony into the wind barrier which cracked slightly.

"DAMNIT! GET OUT OF THERE TONY!" Karasu shouted, knowing very well that Tony was at a severe disadvantage, and that his barrier was starting to crack.

Jonathan stretched out his arm and pulled Rin up onto the grassy area again. She looked over the edge to see Tony taking a beating from something she could barely track with her eyes.

Seeing Rin had escaped, Tony smiled. He punched his fists together, letting out a huge blaze of flames throughout the whole area. Flames shot out of the top of the hole into the air.

"RELEASE THE WIND!" Tony shouted.

"OK!" Karasu shouted. It seemed to be a ridiculous idea, but he knew Tony well enough to know he was planning something.

Releasing the wind barrier, it began to expand. It started to collide with the flames causing a huge explosing which blasted almost the entire contents of the water flying into the air. Tony manipulated the flames to rocked himself into the air and out of the hole before the water got a chance to touch him. It was then that the ground caught a glimpse of what they were fighting against... It looked like a shark, but... not a shark. Rocketing himself through the air again with his flames, Tony punched the entity down onto the grassy area. It changed to a more human appearance which ran for the water but Jonathan tackled it.

"We have you now, give up." Karasu said as he walked over to the man.

"Pssh! NOT A CHANCE!" The man shouted, changing quickly to resemble a shark again and smacking Jonathan about 100 metres into the forest with the back of his fist.

"So you're a shark Logia then?" Karasu asked.

"Yes, not a bad show with your wind down there, but you can't stop me." The man replied.

"Is that so?" Karasu smiled as he said it.

"Hey Karasu, this guy is my opponent." Tony stated as he cut off his exit back to the lake.

"Have it your way, but be careful, you're weak against a water based opponent." Karasu stated.

Tony and the mysterious shark Logia faced eachother, ready to fight.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Sat May 01, 2010 3:58 am

Haven't been on this one for a LONG time so I'm just gonna start from scratch.
A young blonde haired kid sat on port looking over the many ships sailing in.
Raphael: *same kid as in my comic Razz* Sigh, hope someone takes me in soon. A lot of baddies are after me...

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sat May 01, 2010 6:21 am

Yay Tiki !!! Razz


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Gremlin on Sat May 01, 2010 6:40 am

(Tiki you can join our crew if you want too Smile )

Tony:stupid Shark-man-guy-thing im gonna kick your ass *cracks his knuckes*

Shark man:heheheehe do not underestimate the power of the Shibukai

Tony:Bullshit the shibukai no longer exist!


Rin:Karasu is he serious...ah Jonathan i almost forgot *runs to get Jonathan*

Tony:if you are shibukai whats your name then?

Sharky: Stefan Blake...but call me Sharky *grins and makes a dash for the water*

Tony:oh no you dont you idiot *punches Sharky with his bare hands* ah *%^& man his skin is rough!

Sharky:you are a fool *uppercuts Tony in the jaw* no stay down so i can kill you

Tony lands on the floor and flips himself right up getting into a fighting position
Tony:this is is gonna be good fight...

Karasu:wait what i dont know is how you knew where to find us

Sharky:heheeh ive been tailing you from quite some time sometime

Tony:ah *%^& you *flames burst on Tonys fist* now im gonna show why never to play with fire....in the water..we were in your territorie...but now your on mine*punches the floor* Karasu i want you to make a Wind Barrier..no one gets in..no one gets out..when the flames go out that means its over.

Karasu:ok but are you sure

Tony:yer *the fire spreads around the grass* (in Tony's mind- if im correct i need to hold out as long as i can until he passes out due to the fire and lack of Oxygen.) get ready for an ass whooping*Tony lunges at Sharky*


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Sat May 01, 2010 6:45 am

Raphael senses chaos happening at sea.
Raphael: Hmm, I better go see whats going on.
Glowing white ruins appear all over Raphael's body as his hair turns white as well. His flesh turns to a blue tint and a halo appears over his head. Alabaster stones hover from his back as he levitates in the air.
Raphael: And I'm off!
The celestial youth flies off over the sea.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sat May 01, 2010 9:26 am

"If you say so, good luck." Karasu said as he formed a cage of wind around Tony and the Shichibukai. He sat down on the grass, maintaining his focus, keeping the barrier up.

Tony charged at Blake, swinging another punch at him, this time with his fist coated in flames. Blake transformed back into his Logia shark-form state and dodged to the right, escaping the flaming blow. He turned around and struck Tony on the back of his neck, sending him crashing into the barrier which cracked a little. Karasu quickly healed the barrier back to normal again.

Tony turned around, but Blake was already behind him, punching him harder in the stomach and crushing him against the wall of wind. Tony coughed up blood as his upper body leaned forward due to the impact of the blow. Blake spun on the spot and unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick, knocking Tony crashing with great force into the wall on the opposite end.

"Shit, I can't even get a hit in..." Tony coughed, getting to his feet again.

"Kid, you really aren't at my level... I'll admit your fire show is rather impressive, you have good control over your abilities, but you won't defeat me here." Blake stated with confidence.

"(He should be struggling to breathe, it's even starting to get harder for me to breathe in here...)" Tony thought to himself.

Tony took aim and blasted a huge fireball at Blake, who easily moved out of the way. He suddenly noticed that it had been a diversion and that Tony was right in front of him.

"BLAZING FIST!" Tony shouted as he punched Blake in the face with his fist aflame.

Blake kept standing, but was moved back about a foot. He returned to his full height, towering over Tony. He was just under twice the size of Tony at full height.

"(That should have hurt him, I even coated my fist in flames to burn up the oxygen around him on impact...)" Tony thought to himself again.

"My turn!" Blake shouted as he vanished from sight for only a second. Tony put his arms up to guard himself, but it was too late. Using one arm, Blake smacked Tony's arms out of the way, to the side, and punched him square in the face with his right fist. Tony flew backwards, lifted completely off the ground. Blake pursued, issuing a barrage of punches to the airborne Tony. Then, striking Tony with the palm of his hand, Blake drove him into the wind barrier again, knocking more air out of his lungs, as well as making him cough up a lot more blood. Releasing his strike, Tony fell to his knees, trying to keep conscious.

"Just how... the hell can... you still... stand up!" Tony shouted, gasping for what little oxygen remained.

"It was obvious that you were trying to use up my oxygen. A clever plan, but you neglected one key point. I'm part shark in this state, I can choose to breathe through my gills, like a fish. Normally this takes place in water where the ratio of oxygen is less. Therefore, you should have factored in that I would use much less oxygen than you." Blake explained. He was still standing at full height. Tony's flames had just about used up the last of the oxygen.

"Shit..." Tony cursed as he started to fall onto his side.

"And now I'll end your life." Blake stated in a cold tone as he readied his foot to stamp on Tony's head, crushing his skull.

Karasu couldn't see anything for the smoke, but he suddenly realised one key point... the flames had just been extinguished, and there was a silhouette vaguely visible from within it... it wasn't Tony.

"GOTTA ACT FAST!" Karasu shouted as he vanished and reappeared beside a semi-conscious Tony. "POUND TORNARO!!!" He yelled as he quickly gathered a ball of spiraling, condensed wind in his right hand.

Blake noticed, but it was too late. Karasu punched him with full force in the stomach, exploding the wind on impact, and knocking Blake back about 2 feet, separating him from Tony.

"(Damnit... this is bad... A shichibukai... And he's the real deal... Tony, hurry up and awaken, we'll need to fight this guy together, I hope I can keep him occupied until then...)" Karasu thought to himself.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Sat May 01, 2010 10:11 am

"Heh, that was nothing breezey boy," Sharkey says, wiping the blood from his lip, "Don't think you'll get out of this so easily. You guys are a threat to the world government. It's my job to kill both of you here."

He charges at them as Karasu lifts Tony into his arms and dodges. Sharky snarls and charges with his face, attempting to bite Karasu, but Karasu uses his wind to soar straight up in the air.

"Come on Tony, wake up. We need to beat him together."

"You're going to need more than you two to beat me," Sharkey grins, getting ready to jump after them in the air...until the bang of a gun is heard and a bullet enters his arm.

"Damn...missed his head," Rin curses under her breath as Karasu and Jonathan look to see Rin holding out her pistol, the barrel smoking.

Rin: We gotta help. It's the only way to beat him.

Karasu: Now he'll attack you, idiot!

Rin: *looking up at Karasu* Isn't that the point? Wake Tony up while I hold him off...then we can all beat him together. *looking over to Jonathan* Cover me?

Jonathan nods as Sharkey's scales grow in where the bullet hit him. He smiles with all his sharp teeth.

Sharkey: This is more entertaining than I thought.

Rin and Jonathan slide down the side of the lake and meet Sharkey at the bottom. Rin pulls out the katana she had brought with her from her house, holding it in a battle ready position.

Rin: Well...you don't leave the lady waiting...will you?

With a grin, Sharkey charges at Rin as she gets ready to attack.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Sat May 01, 2010 12:02 pm

In no time at all, the celestial child made it to the chaotic encounter, hovering over the action as it took place.

Raphael: Hmm, looks like soldiers of the world government taking on some pirates... hmm... HEY EVERYONE!!!

The combatants all look up at the glowing child.

Raphael: Can't we all just get along?

Everyone gives him a dumbfounded look. Raphael gives a wide grin.

Raphael: No?

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alucard009 on Sun May 02, 2010 9:07 am

Jonathan dusts himself off and looks at Sharkey after ignoring Raphael.

Jonathan "You chumps are annoying enough when you aren't beating my arse on land."

Taking advantage of the distraction, Jonathan pulled out out a small pocket knife with a fuse on it. Jonathan quickly lit the fuse with a lighter and threw it at high speeds, hitting the shark in the chest. As it was ready to pull the knife out, the fuse finished burning and an explosion consumed Sharkey.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sun May 02, 2010 10:13 am

The blast consumed most of the area, the crew were unharmed though. Karasu had created a wind barrier to protect Rin from the blast, and he, Jonathan and Tony were out of reach of the explosion.

"Uhh... Where.. huh..." Tony mumbled, it appeared that he was starting to wake up. He was still pretty badly beaten up though.

Karasu vanished from the air and reappeared beside Rin. He rested Tony on the grass as Jonathan walked up beside him and stopped, a razor sharp dagger in each hand.

"Take care of Tony until he comes to, then the four of us will fight him together." Karasu said with confidence. His expression had changed to a slightly more serious one. "Jonathan, let's go." He stated, knowing the answer.

Nodding to Karasu, wearing a serious expression himself, Jonathan started to walk again. As the smoke cleared, Sharkey was still standing. He had a few minor burns on his upper body, but nothing too major. There were a few small traces of blood on his upper body also, but again, nothing serious. Moving his crossed arms which had been covering his face from the blast, he glared at Jonathan, a look of pure anger.

"Ready for round two?" Jonathan asked, spinning his daggers around in his hands, standing in a battle position. He grabbed hold of them again, ready to fight.

Sharkey charged straight for him, his claw-like hands ready to go for the kill. Karasu ran and swung a punch at Sharkey, but he dodged and pounded him in the right shoulder, knocking him back and skidding across the grass. Jonathan slashed forward with his right hand, weilding his knife. Sharkey didn't attempt to dodge, his rough skin wasn't even cut. He grabbed Jonathan by the shoulders, lifted him and smashed his knee into Jonathan's stomach, making him cough up blood.

Karasu vanished and reappeared with a roundhouse kick aimed at Sharkey's face. He moved one arm to defend it and was successful. Karasu smiled as Jonathan kicked Sharkey hard in the chin, making Sharkey loosen his grip on him, allowing him to escape his grasp.

Jonathan grabbed something from his bag, Karasu noticed and sprang backwards as Jonathan lit the fuse on another dagger.

"Not so fast." Sharkey said in a calm tone, as he whacked the dagger out of his hands, injuring Jonathan's wrist.

"AHH!" Jonathan shouted.

"Damnit!" Karasu shouted as he jumped up behind Sharkey with another ball of wind in his hand.

Sharkey smiled maliciously as he turned around, aware of Karasu's presence. Driving the ball of wind forward with his palm, Karasu smiled too.

"Gotcha!" Karasu shouted.

Sharkey stopped the ball of wind with his left palm, and crushed it, causing a small explosion which shot Karasu's arm back. Sharkey grinned as he elbowed Karasu in the face and unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick which cracked one of Karasu's ribs. He flew through the air, blood spewing from his mouth. Sharkey took off at unexpected speed and appeared beside Karasu who was still flying backwards. Raising his arm, Sharkey readied himself, crashing his fist down hard on Karasu's stomach, stopping his backwards motion, but sending him down incredibly fast into the ground. Cracks branched out from where Karasu had collided with the earth. More blood spurted out of his mouth as his eyes changed, he was heavily wounded. His cracked rib had broken completely, along with two others which had been seriously fractured.

"Shit, what a powerful fighter. So this is what it means to be one of the Seven Gods of Pirates..." Jonathan stated in shock. This brutal power was something he simply couldn't match. Jonathan stared at his hands which he clenched to become fists. "If we are to have any chance of escaping here, I need to hold out until Tony wakes up. I will protect my new friends!" Jonathan said in an ascending volume, ending with an exclaimation of his honour.

Sharkey turned and noticed Jonathan was still standing.

"(Hmm... My attack from earlier hurt him... his shark skin isn't totally resistant to fire...)" Jonathan thought to himself. He took out his chain and poured lighter fluid on the ends, and setting it aflame. Spinning it around, the flames grew. "(This is risky, but it's the only real option we have)" He thought as he dashed forward at great speed.

Sharkey dodged an attack from Jonathan, but the flames still scorched his skin a little, he hesitated ever so slightly from the burning sensation. Jonathan jumped up and held the chains around Sharkey's neck, pushing the flaming ends into Sharkey's back.

"GET THE HELL OFF ME, HUMAN!" Sharkey shouted as he bit through the chain and threw Jonathan through the air. Sharkey pursued Jonathan and with a full-force punch, he swung down ready to crush Jonathan into the ground. There was a sudden shockwave emitting from the area as smoke rose from the ground, as well as small pieces of the earth itself. The trees blew violently in the wind, and Rin struggled to keep balance. Jonathan had managed to regain his footing, but had lost it again due to his close proximity to the blast.

"Huh?" Sharkey stated in confusion.

As the dust settled, it was a great surprise to everyone to see Karasu standing before Sharkey, blocking his powerful fist with his own. The expression on his face was completely different, the look of pure hatred and anger was overwhelming. Sharkey looked down at him with confusion, a look of pure shock across his face. Karasu's eyes resembled how they had done earlier when he had saved Rin. It was as if a storm had awakened within him. He didn't speak, there was no need for words.

"Little punk!" Sharkey shouted as he swung his left arm at Karasu to knock him out of the way. Karasu blocked it with his own arm. He didn't even look, but he knew exactly where to block. The impact looked to have been uncomfortable for Sharkey.

"How... How did you know where I was aiming! What is with those damned eyes of yours!?!" Sharkey growled, his anger apparent.

"I am the wind, and you have unleashed a storm upon yourself. And you should know very well what these eyes represent." Karasu stated in a calm, confident tone. Despite his serious injuries, he was standing straight and appeared to be in perfect condition, everything apart from his torn up shirt that was.

"So the rumours about you are true then, you have awakened the legendary power of Haki..." Sharkey responded, taken a little aback by this fact.

Karasu moved instantaneously. Sharkey couldn't even see the strike. It was as if Karasu had become one with the wind. Soaring backwards through the air, Sharkey realised that he wasn't standing anymore. He stopped himself only to be swept off his feet from below and punched in the stomach by a jet of wind which he realised shortly after was actually a punch from Karasu. His moves were so quick that none of the crew could even track them. Each punch one hundred times more powerful than a cannon, that was the power of Karasu's wind release, and what had made him such a notorious pirate, feared by all who knew his name.

Jonathan had repositioned himself to beside Rin who hadn't noticed, she was so amazed by Karasu's new, or rather, old power.

"I thought I had heard the name Karasu before, but it's not until now that I realize that the legend was about him..." Jonathan stated. He was confident now. There weren't many pirates on the seas with a level of power as high as Karasu's when he was fighting at full power.

The pressure in the area had changed due to his power of Haki. Tony started to move. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Karasu punch Sharkey, and he recognised the movements.

"So, he's finally woken up then?" Tony laughed as he got to his feet. He cracked his joints and knuckles as he walked forwards.

"Where are you going!?" Rin shouted out to him.

"To make sure Karasu doesn't injure himself too much using that ability. It shortens his lifespan." Tony replied.

"What!?" Rin shouted back to him.

"The human body is incapable of containing the amount of power that he is currently harnessing, even as a fruit user. Look carefully at his back, what do you see? He really is becoming one with the wind itself." Tony replied.

Looking very carefully, Rin and Jonathan saw something very interesting on Karasu's back. Two angelic like wings made entirely of wind, their edges moving with a speed which could cut through steel with ease.

"Let's finish this!" Sharkey shouted to Karasu and Tony.

The final round was about to begin.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alucard009 on Sun May 02, 2010 10:25 am

Jonathan watched Karasu and examined the battle going on.

Jonathan "(Okay, let me think about this...earlier, Karasu harnessed a ball of fire to light up that cave. Tony may be a little weak to do that at the moment, but maybe I can make one with my bag of toys...But I have to use it at the right time, or it may not be too effective.)"

Jonathan looked through his equipment and pulled out a rather large metal lighter, a bottle of alcohol, a rag, and another lighter.

Jonathan "Hey Rin, use this to support Jonny boy while I make something. It shoots fireballs, so don't point it at yourself."

He handed Rin his large lighter and tool the rag, inserting it into the bottle of alcohol. After that, he began pulling several items out of his pockets and attached them to the bottle.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sun May 02, 2010 10:42 am

Tony ran at Sharkey, his fist slightly aflame, he was still weak after his earlier beating. Karasu looked at him out of the corner of his eye as the wind blew him backwards, extinguishing his flame, and leaving him sitting near to Rin again.

"You're injured, stay out of this." Karasu stated. His tone made it obvious that there was no argument about the matter.

"You're one to talk... your ribs are -" Tony started.

"Stay out of this." Karasu repeated as he turned his gaze away from Tony and back to Sharkey who had underhandedly taken this opportunity to get close to Karasu, ready to strike.

"Know your place." Karasu said in a calm tone, fracturing Sharkey's jaw with the back of his fist.

"(A minute ago I was destroying this guy, Haki... it truly is incredible... No, this man... he is more to blame for this sudden change...)" Sharkey thought.

Karasu punched foward again, another attack which was invisible to everyone but him at first. Sharkey coughed up blood as he was sent flying backwards, crashing into the ground.

Just then, Rin noticed something. Karasu's wings... they were fading. Karasu coughed up blood which speckled the ground. His wings disappeared completely. Rin cried out as Karasu fell to his knees.

"KARASU!" Rin and Tony yelled out in unison. Tony got up to rush to Karasu's aid, but Jonathan put his arm out, stopping him.


"I have his help right here." Jonathan stated, smiling.

"Damnit..." Karasu cursed, his vision starting to fade. He was getting cold, he started to shiver.

"Can you pull off one last attack, Karasu?" Jonathan shouted to him. The voice was blurred to Karasu, but he understood it.

"Yes." He replied.

Sharkey got to his feet and saw his opportunity to kill Karasu. Running as fast as he could, he approached closer and closer to the severely injured Karasu.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alucard009 on Sun May 02, 2010 10:46 am

Jonathan. "KARASU! Use this!"

Lighting the rag and spinning around, Jonathan threw a makeshift firebomb he had made that was surrounded with several flammable objects. Sharkey turned and looked at the bomb and looked startled to see multiple parts of the bomb start catching fire.

Jonathan "FIRE ON, KARASU! Time to burninate!"

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sun May 02, 2010 11:02 am

Karasu, still shaking and on his knees, smiled.

"What are you smiling at!?" Sharkey shouted as he punched hard at Karasu.

"Go to hell." Karasu replied, moving his hands and using the wind to grab the explosion.

Karasu accelerated the bomb and crashed it into Sharkey, exploding it. Adding more and more wind to the explosion of flames, and therefore oxygen to fuel the fire even more, Karasu passed out as the incredbile blast consumed the entire area. Rin, Tony and Jonathan shielded their faces with their arms and closed their eyes.

As the smoked cleared away, they saw two bodies lying on the ground. Sharkey was in human form and lying spread out with numerous burns all over his body. Karasu was lying on his side, his shirt had been burnt away completely and he was unconscious.

Jonathan sprinted up to the lake and dived in to retrieve the treasure. Tony went to check that Sharkey was unconscious too.

Rin ran over to Karasu and quickly dropped down to her knees to examine him. A single tear of joy dropped from her left eye when she saw a big smile across his face. His eyes were closed, he looked so peaceful. His chest was covered in blood, as was part of his face, his arms were covered in cuts. Rin checked that Karasu was still breathing as Tony walked over to see how he was.

"We need to get him medical treatment, but he should hopefully be fine." Rin stated, not able to stop smiling.

Tony knelt down too as he and Rin lifted Karasu and held him up, his arms over their shoulders.

Jonathan returned holding the chest. He saw the others were supporting Karasu who was still unconscious. At that moment, Tony fell over, totally exhausted.

"You shouldn't move about so quickly!" Rin scolded him as she tried to hold Karasu up on her own.

Jonathan walked over, dropping the chest. He picked Tony up and held him up too.

"What should we do with Shark-boy?" Jonathan asked Rin, who was effectively now Acting-Captain due to the others being unconscious.

"Make sure he's breathing, then leave him by the water, it'll help him heal when he wakes up." She replied, surprisingly compassionate towards their earlier enemy.

"Sure thing!" Jonathan replied, resting Tony against the chest.

"You might just be the most brilliant fighter, Karasu, but you really are hopeless..." Rin sighed and then laughed.


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Sun May 02, 2010 11:34 am

"sigh...well, that was interesting..."

"Yes, I have to say I have never experienced that before..."

Rin and Jonathan lean up against the sides of the lake and wake for the two to wake up, which should happen eventually.

"We didn't get that much action this round..."

"I know, it's such a drag," Rin sighs again, "Protect the unconscious Tony. Who do they think I am? The sterotypical heroine?" she laughs, throwing a rock near where Tony was laying. It didn't it him.

Jonathan: We'll...there's always next time.

Rin: Yea...I suppose...*awkward silence* Soooooooooooooooooooo...what's in the chest....

Jonathan: Treasure.

Rin: *excited* really?! Can I see?? Real treasure, huh? Wow...where'd you put the chest?

Jonathan: You're a pirate and you've haven't seen real treasure...

Rin: Well...Karasu was never into that stuff...he was just curious cuz I had the maps...

Jonathan: Surely.

Rin: Surely. It's true! *looks away and sighs, slightly flustered* hey, you had a bottle of alcohol right?

Jonathan: Yes.

Rin: Have another one?

Jonathan goes into his bag and takes out a bottle of booze, throwing it to her. She catches it and bites the cap open with her teeth, her lip bleedin slightly.

Jonathan: You're going to drink the whole thing?

Rin: Why not? I can do what I want. I'm a pirate. *grins and starts to drink* it's to celebrate our victory against one of our strongest foes! Come on, Jonathan, grab a drink!

Jonathan takes out another bottle.

Rin: Wow...you carry a lot with you O.o

Jonathan: It proves useful...as you just saw in battle I suppose. * they tap bottles and start to drink* I could have sworn you said at the bar that today was your first day drinking...

Rin: Pish Posh. It's fine. * takes a sip* So what was I saying...yeah! Next time's our time to shine, Jonathan. A big battle! We'll use all the weapons in our arsenal and smoke'em! *takes another gulp*

Jonathan: How are you with holding alcohol?

Rin: *grinning innocently and happily* I guess we'll find out~ CHEERS~!

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Alex[NU] on Sun May 02, 2010 12:35 pm

Late entry – sorry peeps XD

And Gremlin - I didn't want to start with Ato. That wasn't nice to force me into the RP .__.'


*Meanwhile back in town – the commotion had finally settled down. The arrival of nearby marine ships helped fortify the town’s defenses…

More troops were pouring out of the docked ships, when at last the ships captain stepped off of the boat:

→ Intro: Admiral Canti Ato

His ebony locks covered his pale face, only revealing his mouth. He wore black khaki pants, a gray tuxedo vest that was diagonally with dark gray stripes, with a blue button-up underneath. His sleeves were unbuttoned and rolled up, and his hands were casually placed in his pocket – his tonfas dangled off of his belt. The admiral looked no older than 19, as his skin was virtually flawless; however, he posed a countenance that only reflected his vast wisdom…

…He looked around the dock, taking note of the scurrying marines.

Ato, calmly asked, “Status report?”

Even though he said it lightly, the soldiers all halted – as Ato’s presence suddenly blanketed the docks.

A marine stepped up to the admiral, seemingly afraid…

Slightly intimidated, the marine muttered with a pad in hand, “Well it seems this town has had a recent run in with a few pirates, sir. We detained a few of them – but we have word that a few escaped.”

Ato seemed uninterested at the news. He shuffled his feet carelessly.

The marine continued: “As for the few of the uncounted for, we caught wind of their names: A Houkou D. Karasu and Tony D.Sparks. Both assailants have high bounties…

Ato retorted curtly: "Never heard of them before, I guess their bounties aren’t as high as you claim."

Ato turned to look at smoke rising into the sky nearby.

Ato asked: “Damage so far?”

The marine flipped through the pad and continued, “Minimal – we have our men working and repairing the damage as we speak.”

Ato, relaxed, responded: “Good… Feel free to direct my troops as you see fit marine. Dismissed…”

The marine answered back, “Yes sir (Salutes), but what of the pirates? They were last seen heading to a nearby cave not to far from town…”

Ato shifted his eyes towards the marine, “I’m uninterested in trash marine. Pursue them if you wish – but I’m in no rush. Alert me if they return – as for now, focus on fixing up the town…”

The marine saluted once more and began to head off…

Ato spoke up abruptedly, “And marine – issue a declaration: kill all pirates on sight – no questions asked. “

The marine’s eyes widened in surprise – but he saluted once again before heading off to let his comrades know.

Ato muttered to himself as he began to walk through the town: “I despise trash…”

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Sun May 02, 2010 2:55 pm

Raphael: Geez, I hate being ignored. Let me help!

Raphael lands next to Karasu.

Raphael: My Cherubi fruit had granted me a healing ability as well and should do the trick for his wounds.

Holy energy surged from Raphael's young hands and quickly mended Karasu's wounds. The group stood in awe as the angellike being does his work.

Raphael: By the way, my name's Raphael Esposito.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Gremlin on Sun May 02, 2010 9:56 pm

Scy dont cry Sad i was tryna involve juu

Jonathan:Wake up..wake up..wake up Tony

Tony: dont wanna go to school yet i wanna sleep some more*snores out loud*

Rin:How can some one as strong as you be so hopeless when asleep

Tony:i want a helping of grilled shark Smile *drools*

Karasu:Tony you keep eating my food, stop it *drools*

Rin:and your the captain and you dont know anybetter (what have i gotten myself into T-T)

Tony:*yawns* did i win...

Rin:you were asleep...


Jonathan:Karasu beat him Smile

Raphael:i healed him

Tony:.............who the hell are you..

Raphael:my name's Raphael Esposito.

Tony:imma call u Wrath (Raph)


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Mon May 03, 2010 2:05 am

Raphael: Not really an angry kid, but Raph is fine for short.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Sat May 08, 2010 11:12 am

Rin: *getting up with the bottle in her hand, takes a sip* So now what? Wait till Karasu wakes up or head out now?

Jonathan: Both Tony and Karasu are injured...so both of them climbing out of this pit seems unlikely.

Tony: I can flame up.

Rin: Don't reopen all your wonds now, Tony. We can figure out a better way. *thinks for a sec, turns her back to Tony* Jump on.

Tony: No way! I'm not letting s squirt carry me, I have pride!

Rin: *sighs, with another gulp* it was just an option...gosh...yo, Jonathan, this stuff is really good. What is it?

Raph: I can fly the injured up!

Tony: Or I can just kae Karasu and flame up there.

Rin: *sighs, looking over to Jonathan* Well, we tried...I'll just climb up and wait for you guys to figure yourselves out...*throws the empty bottle on the ground* See ya up there. And don't hurt yourselves...if you need me call me down. I'll take a nap on the grass.

Tony: Whatever...

Rin: *looks to him over her shoulder* Dummy~

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sun May 09, 2010 10:37 am

Jonathan looked down at Karasu who was still unconscious. He turned to look at Raphael and posed a question to him.

"So then, Raphael, is he fully healed?" Jonathan asked, still surprised by Raphael's healing abilities.

"Not quite. I was able to heal his broken bones and the other damage the Shichibukai inflicted on him, however, the damage he caused himself through harnessing that huge amount of power... it's not as easy to heal." Raphael replied.

"So what do we do then? Take him to a hospital?" Tony replied, confused as to the severity of Karasu's injuries.

"That won't do any good. He's in the perfect condition to recover from it, I've done all I can. The rest is up to him..." Raphael responded, looking down at Karasu who had a look of indifference on his face.

"What do you mean "the perfect condition"?" Tony inquired.

"Well, I healed all damage apart from that which he caused himself through releasing that wind. So yeah, if he can't heal from this, then it's over." Raphael replied.

"He'll come back stronger than ever!" Tony shouted.

Jonathan smiled and took another mouthful of alcohol, motioning the bottle torwards Karasu, almost as if to say "cheers!".


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Gremlin on Mon May 10, 2010 7:41 am

Tony walks up to Sharkys body and kicks it

Tony:dumb shark shit! Hey Jono throw me some rope

Jonathan:erm yeah catch*tosses it to Tony*

Tony:lets see you get out of this bitch*ties him up* Wake the hell Shark bait


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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by battosaixgirl on Mon May 10, 2010 10:11 am

"Ah.......now this is what I'm talking about."

Rin lays back on the grass after climbing her way up the wall. She puts her hands behind her head as the wind blows her hair to the side messily.

"This is nice...I can live with this..."

"Excuse me."

Rin opens her eyes to see a man standing above her. He dressed all in white and has a sword at his side. His hat says MARINES. Rin's eye brows go up.

Rin: *sitting up* Hello. Can I help you?

Marine: Yes, I'm under the Command of Admiral Canti Ato and I'm looking for some people. Could you assist me?

Rin: Oh, uh...yeah sure. But here, sit and have a drink first. *Rin goes into her back and picks up two more bottles*

Marine: Oh, all right. that's very, uh...gentlemen like of you.

Rin: *opening the bottle with her teeth* Yea...it happens.

They begin to have a casual discussion about the town and why the marines had come. Rin nods as she listens the the private's story and drinks her booze.

Rin: So... Private Taiyo-san. You're looking for pirates? Who are you looking for?

Taiyo: Two men named Houkou and Blakz. They've got significant bounties on their heads. *hands her the posters*

Rin: Hahahah, wow...they're pictures are horrible! You can only see half of Karasu's face!

Taiyo: !!!

Rin: Oh yea, they're down there, in the pit. They're injured though.

Taiyo: *standing up* What?! Seriously?! What an opportunity thank you...uh...

Rin: *standing* Rin. Rin Evans. Head of Navigation and Weapontry of the Rising Sky Pirates. So I'm sorry, *puts hand on the hilt of her own sword* I can't let you down there.

Taiyo is taken aback but eventually draws his sword.

Taiyo: These are undesirable circumstances, Rin-san.

Rin: Not really * drawing her sword* You let me relax and have a drink. Three beers in one day really let's you unwind, you know.

Taiyo stares at her sword, the blade not being mad of metal but of something else, making it red.

Taiyo: What is your sword?

Rin: Amber. Very rare and high priced. Ain't the black market amazing?

She charges and easily forces Taiyo to lose his grip on his sword. She sighs, disappointed at the fact that the marines were so weak. Yet, Taiyo pulls out his rifle and fires. Although it was close range, Rin avoids the bullet hitting any vital parts, the bullet entering her arm. She bites her tongue but still releasing a scream as Taiyo attempts to reload his weapon. Rin kicks the weapon to the ground and uses her good arm and the tull side of the blade to slash the back of Taiyo's neck, making him fall to the ground uncoscious.

Rin grabs her arm and sighs in sadness.

"Guess I went from taking a nap to look out for the guys down there."

She picks up her bottle.

"Piracy has it's pros and cons I guess..."

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Mon May 10, 2010 2:15 pm

Raphael: So where to next guys?

Jonathon: You came to accompany us for the long haul?

Raphael: Well a lot of bad apples are after my head so I could use some company to scratch my back as I scratch theirs in return.

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Re: One Piece Rp

Post by Majeh[NU] on Tue May 11, 2010 3:59 am

Hearing the gunshot, the others looked up from below.

"Shit!" Tony exclaimed as he erupted into flames and shot into the air, landing where Rin was sitting.

Jonathan motioned for Raphael to follow and heal the injured Rin, unaware of the state she was in.

Karasu lay unconscious still. It looked as though he was dreaming, or perhaps reliving an unpleasant time in his life...


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Re: One Piece Rp

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