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Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

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Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Gremlin on Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:51 am

'HAHA, the security in Osaka have really let themselves.'The strange figure said as he strolled into the castle, as he turnt around he looked at the the pile of bloodied bodys behind him.'I hope thats not the best they can offer, or else it wont be a challenge.'

The male figure continues to walk up as if he owns the building as he walks past a room with a chest

'Bingo' he muttered as he walked towards the chest.'Lets see hmmm no traps anywhere this is so easy' He walks as he steps into trap hole. 'Shit!' he screamed as he pulled out a grappling hook 'ONLY ONE SHOT!'. The grappling hook landed in between a crevice in the trap door 'Phew that was a close one' as he sighed and made his way up'

As he made it to the top a group of 20 men surrounding him 'Oh crud errm ok i give up you can arrest me ..' the tie him up and take him to their leader Hideyoshi


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Skippy_The_Bush_Kangaroo on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:20 am

Robert walked casually through Osaka. It was evening. The lanterns alongside the roads shed a dim light on and throughout the area, illuminating the streets and the numerous shops and stalls which had been set up by the locals. The shops were now closing, only one or two restaurants and bars remained open. Other than that, there was no sign of life, no sound but the fluttering wings of the moths drawn to the flames of the lanterns. The air was still, warm.

"Geez, where does a guy need t'go around here t'get something to eat?" Robert muttered to himself.

"Hey, you're not from around here are you, you aren't Japanese at all!" A voice called from, what appeared to be, out of nowhere.

A few seconds later and Robert was looking into the eyes of a dirty looking man. He appeared poor due to the condition of his clothes, not to mention his general cleanliness and lack of shoes or sandals. He took out a knife from his pocket, most likely it had been stolen or he had found it somewhere.

"I haven't eaten in days, you rich folk are all the same. Weak, and carrying a lot of cash. Hand it over and I won't have to hurt you... yet..." The man said, his voice raspy and weak, the hunger evident from his build.

"That's where you'd be wrong, mate." Robert retorted.

Quickly drawing his poke from off his back, Robert ducked under a straight stab from the man's knife and whacked him in the stomach. The man dropped his knife, clutching his side where he had been struck.

"You... you're actually... skilled..." The man spoke through gritted teeth, interrupted by deep breaths.

"I might be Australian, but I've been trained properly over here. Get out of my way, mate." Robert replied confidently, somewhat dismissing the man's statement.

As the man ran off, leaving his knife behind, Robert knew that he had potentially saved several others of the upper class category. He smiled to himself and walked on. Whether he was actually heading anywhere in particular was uncertain.

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:36 am

"Wait... my knife.. it's back there!" The man, who had just had the encounter with Robert, stated aloud.

He turned to go back for it, but was met by a new figure. This man was different. The air felt cold, yet it remained still. His eyes were void of any emotion, any shred of humanity. Without expression or words, he unsheathed his black katana and then turned around, walking away as the man's head dropped to the ground, followed independently by his body. Blood painted the streets a dark crimson, it matched the killer's hair. Its pattern was calm, it showed that the attack was precise, a degree of excellence evident in how it had been executed.

Shaking his katana once to remove any trace of blood from it, then resheathing it, the killer exited the alleyway. He walked past the knife, which had remained exactly where it had been dropped, and continued on in the direction which Robert had walked in. His intentions were unknown, his lack of expression constant, and his eyes, as ever, dead to the living world around him.


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by SCK[NU] on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:56 am

*as all other is happening in Osaka, I am replacing Lucas there*

Lucas, dressed rather unusually, was sitting on a bench by some street, eating riceballs wich he had purchased from a merchant earlier that day.

"Good as these riceballs are, I am more bored than ever... Truly, it is a boring night"

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Gremlin on Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:02 am

The male walks in to see a man with a fan and facepainting

'Damn is your leader a monkey?' he asked a warrior but the comment was ignored with a nudge of the end of the spear to his back

'Hohohohoho' the ape looking man said 'if it isnt Mugen Kione the mercenary, what are you doing here?'

'The usual tryna steal and make money' he said calmly with a grin

'You do know i have to kill you from treaspassing and killing forty of my men' the man said

'Yeh what you gonna do well might aswell kill more of them while im here' Jnr grinned

Hideyoshi smilled half heartedly as three of his men drop

'Did i forget to tell you two of my team mates are here?' as he unwraps his ropes 'Now' he teleports behind Hideyoshi before slicing his throat'

'Hey Mugen why do you always get caught?' a female kunoichi who looked to be 16 said

'Because im the leader duh'he shouted as dead bodies layed aroud them


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:49 am

Robert had stopped momentarily. He was at the doorway of a restaurant, looking inside to determine the quality of the food being prepared. Fully exiting the little restaurant again with a dissatisfied look on his face, he noticed a man walking in his direction. Walking was perhaps a word personifying this character more than would do him justice. Robert couldn't tell exactly from where he was standing, due to the distance between them, but it appeared that the man was looking at him, advancing towards him.

"Evening..." Robert stated, exchanging a pleasant word with the man. He was on edge, the man had an odd presence. It was like he had an army of shadow, of death, walking behind him. The air was warm where Robert was standing, however, a slight breeze had picked up.

As the man drew ever closer, Robert raised his right arm, his hand gently clutching his pole. The man didn't appear to function like a normal human, his presence gave no forewarning to anything about him. He just kept nearing Robert. Something just didn't feel right. As he was coming into closer quarters, Robert's grip tightened on his pole. He began to draw it as the man walked past him. The man's eyes were still focused straight ahead of him despite a potential threat of violence from Robert. He had made no indication of noticing Robert's existence at all.

"Who... are you...?" Robert whispered to himself under his breath.

In that instant, before Robert knew what was happening, the man's eyes stared coldly into his own. The air became even more still, the breeze completely negated. It was cold. Robert shivered, even under his clothing which was by no means inadequate. Robert was speechless, it was like looking death in the eyes. It became increasingly difficult for him to draw breath. A single beat of his heart resounding violently in his head. He swallowed hard. As if in reflex to a predator, he swung down his pole with all his force, his eyes focused on his target.

Stepping to the side without even the slightest hint of displacing the air, his clothes and hair remaining perfectly still, the man continued his emotionless stare into Robert's terrified eyes. As the man took a single blink, Robert raised his pole from the ground, this time swinging to the side to increase his chances of striking this mysterious wanderer. The blink appeared to antagonize him further, putting him more on edge. Rationality had now completely left him. A presence like this, this atmosphere, enough to drive even a skilled and calm warrior temporarily to the brink of insanity, to indescribable fear.

The man must have jumped backwards to avoid the attack, but again seemed not to have moved his clothes or hair at all. It was if he could nullify the wind, which was of course a ridiculous assumption to make. His movements so fluid, arguably as if he himself was a calm breeze, were the final phenomenon that Robert experienced. Pierced once by the man's katana through his jugular vein. A perfectly calculated and delivered kill. Robert's eyes had faded, with his remaining energy he asked the man one question.

"What... is your... name?"

The wind blew again, rustling both of their clothes, and the man's long, crimson hair. He heard him. The killer again shook his blade, removing any blood, sheathed it and began to walk away. Nothing was said, no expression displayed. Afterall, nothing had happened. A life had been taken, a meaningless life. Nothing had changed at all.


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by SCK[NU] on Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:59 am

Finishing his meal, Lucas got up and walking, instantly feeling an odd little breeze blowing from behind him as he got up. Rationally thinking, it was not special at all, but something, he thought, was odd about it. He then got walking with no real destination, other than the idea of "I should really find a place to sleep in for the night".

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Gremlin on Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:30 pm

Mugen looked at the young kunoichi with a sense sarcastic look and smiled

'Red Soba indeed, you couldn't even kill a fly let alone a human' he said in a diminishing manner'

'Well at least im not a dog 'Blakz The Hound'!' she fired back

They both gave each other an evil glare and turnt away from each other, onlivious to their other team mate who was just standing their with his hand place on his forehed 'Will you two shutup already we have . . . . a problem' he said with a look o concern

Mugen looked at him and immideately knew what was wrong.'shit don't tell me that he was babysitting the house for him!' he ran to look peak out of the window and he saw them. An army of maybe 200 - 400 men all at the behest of their real leader Iyeayasu Tokugowa and his General the Ninja Hanzo Hattori

Mugen stood their with a slight grin 'time to test out the steel'


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by battosaixgirl on Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:12 pm

Rin whistles when she looks out the window.

"Look at all those babies...walking straight to the slaughter..." she grins and ties the cloth around her face, covering her nose to her chin.

"Whay the hell do you wear that anyway..."

Rin looks back over to Mugen, "If people find out who I am, I'll lose the shop...and be arrested...AND lose the shop~" she grins, "I don't know why i go on these jobs with you anyway...I have my own agenda to clean..."

"Hey, hey...I help you and you help me...that's where the 'team' part comes in..."

Rin rolls her eyes and puts a hand on Mugen shoulder.

"Hey, look over there...its our favorite pasttime. Shall we pillage?"

Mugen grins taking out his weapon, "Yeaaaah"

The other teammate in the corner sighs, "Whats with these two?"

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Gremlin on Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:08 am

Mugen walked back to the wall...and with a furious burst of speed ran towards the window as he flew out. 'CAWABUNGA!'

Tokugowa looked at his General Tadkatsu Honda, and he nodded

'FIRE!' He screamed as his men ready there bows and shot at Mugen.
'Hmmmm'Mugen straightened himself like a torpedo into the crowd while managing to avoid the barrage of arrows.

'Moron' Rin sighed as she followed moments behind him, but unlike him she flew out gracefully. Their other teammate was just thinking how he had gotten himself into such trouble with and where it all went wrong as he went out aswell.

Mugen had been on the ground for 5 minutes and was already slicing and dicing at soilders here and there with such force with both swords....he looked at Rin as soon as he landed' 25 so far...think you can catch up kid '

Rin looked at him with a sarcastic glare '25 already...i thought you would be on 50 by now..don't tell me you gotten soft now'

Mugen looked at her still slashing people with a aggitated look
'lets see you do any better kid' As he cut the arm off a soilder


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by battosaixgirl on Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:47 am

"heh, think your so great, mugen..." She draws her sword, only about the length of someone's forearm and starts her spree. Her speed making up for the shortness of her sword, she easily slashes her way through the crowd of amatuer swordsmen.

"not bad..."

"but just slashing around won't get us...your out of luck, boy..."

She looks around to see shes surrounded. Her nose twiches...and its not the situation that bothers her.

She bends down and lifts a chain off the ground and in a series of spins the limbs of the men that were around her are on the ground.

She goes over to the head of the man who spoke to her, "look at this..." she rips off the cloth, "I'm a girl, assh*le!!!" she stabs the head again.

Mugen laughs, "You're awesome when you're pissed."

Rin jumps in front of hims and steals his kill...they look at each other...both soaked in red.

"What the hell was that?"


"heh," Mugen chuckles, "interesting but easy to beat..."

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Gremlin on Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:19 am

Mugen took out his other sword Dragon claw and looked at Rin "your gonna love this one" he said with a slight grin.

He had both his swords in the air and took a deep breath. Rin looked at him as if he was going to pass out. "20, 25 tops" he said to the now confused Kunoichi who had not notice him drop 5 people in one swift strike then 8, then 12,then 23 and he stoped

Rin scowled at Mugen. "You use two swords that's cheating". Mugen mimiced her voice saying"you used a chain ball you cheated". On hearing this Rin started to pout. They then began their usua arguement.

As Iyeyasu was watchig this he was still on top of his horse, with his two generals waiting for their next order. Honda was given a nodd and he went uptowards Rin and Mugen who were still arguing. With a wide opening Honda smashed his Halbeard aiming to hit the pair,only just missing the.

Mugen now had a strange glow in his eye and she knew what it meant." Finally someone who I know I cannt defeat byself pouty let's do this ".


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Majeh[NU] on Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:48 am

"Get back here you little thief!"

"No chance, old man!"

An irate restaurant owner, now standing in the middle of the street, had just been the victim of a robbery. A few pieces of fried chicken had been stolen, no major crime. He was a wealthy man, such a small amount would not be missed. It was a matter of principle and morals, a scene had to be made to teach the child a lesson. The fact that the owner knew the boy made no exception to this rule. The boy's parents were both dead, the mother recently died of cancer. He was alone, no one else to take care of him, he couldn't afford rent or food. The owner took pity on him and let him have food when he needed it, the boy knew this well. It was truly an odd relationship of sorts.

Quickly making his way through the streets, heading away from the restaurant, the boy stopped to catch his breath. Taking a bite of the first meal he'd had all day, his eyes started to water and he fell to his knees. The taste was just so good, he was smiling. Another few bites, his first piece of chicken was finished, two remained. Rising to his feet again, the boy began to run through the town again.

Stopping once again for breath, the boy placed his palms on his knees. Bent over, looking at the ground, he breathed heavily. Realising there was no longer a need to run, he took a few more deep breaths and looked ahead of himself. To his surprise, a figure stood in front of him, stationary. The boy looked up, trying to see the man's face. It was hard to make him out, apart from his eyes. Frozen to the spot, the boy tried to scream, but found that he couldn't. He was completely paralysed by fear.

The amount of customers in the restaurant had severely decreased. The owner was sweeping the floors and extinguishing the candles in turn. Returning to the kitchen in a room behind the counter, he dropped his broom as he saw the horror that was passing by his back window. Picking up one of his kitchen knives and abandoning all else, he charged out of the restaurant and out into the street. Looking at his feet, the boy from earlier lay perfectly still, his throat had been slit, there was blood pouring out and ruining the job of cleaning the floors which he had completed. His eyes wide with a mix of fear and hatred, he ran at the man walking away from the scene. He had his katana still drawn. If adrenaline had not kicked in, the restaurant owner would have realised that a kitchen knife would be futile against a man with such a weapon, and one who was clearly proficient in wielding it. However, due to the emotional attachment he had developed with the boy, this was irrelevant.

"WHAT TYPE OF ANIMAL ARE YOU!? DIE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" The man cried out in anger.

He slashed forward with his knife. Before his eyes could alert him to what had just happened, he was holding a shattered knife and had blood pouring out of his arms and stomach. One well-delivered strike by the killer's katana had already dealt such a terrifying attack. Without hesitation, the killer slashed upwards with his katana, lifting the restaurant owner off his feet slightly and slicing him the whole way up. Blood shot out of his wound as he crashed, lifeless, into the ground. The street now dyed a dark crimson, two innocent people lying dead for the world to see, and an emotionless figure walking off into the distance, shaking the fresh blood off of his katana as he did so. His back to them, his eyes straight ahead, his goals still unknown.


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:29 am

Bodies scatter all over the temple floor. Monk corpses tattered and dismembered. Standing center square where the massacre took place a man in black armor and bandages with an oni mask stood before his prize.

Myoujou: *in a loud demonic voice* Mission, complete.

The black assassin took the prized artifact the monks so valiantly defended and left the temple.

With surprising agility, he dashes through the forest with his prize to the hideout of the mafia who hired him for the artifact.

In no time at all, he arrived at his destination and received his payment for his mission.

Mobster: Well done, Myoujou. I am impressed how little remorse you show.

Myoujou said nothing and walked away.

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by SCK[NU] on Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:03 am

As he walked on the streets of Osaka, Lucas heard the most disturbing screams coming from a restaurant right behind the corner. Oddly dressed and actually european or not, having come to Japan as a very small child in a boat, so young he can barely remember, he took running to the restaurant, in wich by his theory someone had just got killed, his hand already on his katana.

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Friki Tiki[NU] on Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:26 am

Myoujou and a group of other mercenaries were assigned to take out a Daimyo.

Mercenary: Leave no witness, kill all who see us.

Myoujou: *nods*

The mercenaries sneak into the building. Silently killing everyone in their path. Myoujou's trail of blood was the thickest. Maids, menservants, none were spared the cold blade of "Soul Ripper" and the heartless edge of "Flesh Render."

It wasn't much longer before the guards caught wind of the bloodshed and chased after the assassins. Myoujou made short work of them. With "Flesh Render" he smashed the guard's katanas with ease and "Soul Ripper" finished the guards themselves. The samurai guards were well trained, but still nothing compared to the demon faced killer. After guard after guard fall before his might, he stumbled upon a wounded mercenary.

Mercenary: H-help me...

Myoujou: As long as you live, all is well? Once you make a pact with the devil, there is no turning back.

In one swing, "Flesh Render" tore the mercenary in two with a hunk of skin hanging from the axe. Not bothering to clean his weapon he continues his mission.

After more death and destruction, Myoujou reaches his target, the daimyou and his family.

Daimyo: What are they paying you? I'll double it, just please, spare our life.

Myoujou: I don't do this for the money.

The surviving mercenaries join Myoujou before their target.

Mercenary: Do the honors Myoujou, you earned it!

Daimyo: Damn you!

Myoujou: Do not curse me, curse the hell you were born into.

In a flash, the man in black armor swung both weapons and slew the daimyo and his family.

Myoujou: Mission Complete.

Mercenary: Well that does it boys, lets take his head and get our pay.

Myoujou, without a second thought, turns and begins cutting through his fellow mercs. Soul Ripper impaled one, while Flesh Render tore through another’s jugular. Finally only one remained.

Mercenary: Why? Is so you get all the pay to yourself?!

Myoujou: Like I said, I don’t do it for the money.

Mercenary: Then why?

Myoujou: I am the devil, I bring destruction and damnation to all the wicked souls. I view this entire world as evil, and the wicked souls continue to infest this land. Whether these souls are murderers, religious zealots, snobbish nobles, thieves, whores, or those who condone such acts, hell will be brought to them. Being a mercenary only offers me more opportunities to condemn. But am I without remorse? No, but the thought of innocents getting slain in my path can be pushed aside knowing the kami have a better afterlife awaiting them.

Mercenary: Judging murderers? You’re nothing but a hypocrite!

Myoujou: That doesn’t matter.

In a quick lunge, “soul ripper” impales the last mercenary.

Myoujou: Because I am the devil.

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by battosaixgirl on Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:36 am

"Honda huh...this is gonna take some work...and it's my day off too" she jokes, fixing the covering on her face.

"Stop whining..."

She looks over to him, "Hey, hey...it was a joke...I'm not like that..."

"Hmph...whatever," Mugen mocks.

"Hm...do you two want to die?" Honda says confidently, walking towards the two.

"Eh...nope~" Mugen gets his weapon ready.

"Well...I always wanted to try it once...but I'm not in the mood today," she sighs.

"Unfortuently...I don't go with your 'mood'" Honda says as he attacks. He charges at Mugen who dodges his swipes as Rin comes up from behind him. With one slash of his sword, he manages to slash both of them, although he was cornered.

"Ow! What the hell?!" Mugen yells, "I'm gonna kick yer ass!"

"Damn," Rin gets up and watches Mugen charge. She picks up her chain. "We'll see how far you get that way!"

Mugen and Honda get into a deadlock, sparks coming from their clashing blades. Mugen growls, knowing that Honda is not fighting as his full potential. But while he is lost in thought, Honda finds an opening and goes in for a blow. Suddenly, to both their surprises, Mugen dodges by jumping far back. he hits the ground.

"Ow! What the hell?!" He looks to see a chain wrapped around him.

"Wow...'lost in thought'?...didn't know you could think..."

"Hey...who asked you to-!"

Rin cuts him off by moving from in front of him and stands next to him.

"You're too stressed, man...shall we go, partner?"

"Hella yeah!"

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Gremlin on Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:05 am

Honda who stood at 7'6, Mugen at 6'2 and Rin who was 5'11, it would turnt out to be an intresting battle
Mugen got into a offensive stance and charged at Honda at full force, but Honda blocked the attack and they were once again in a dead lock.

"This move again, we are both evenly matched and such power, in such a small frame " Honda said with a grin

"You aint seen nothing big guy" he grinned replied and as soon as he finished a foot was on Mugens back and in mid-air. As Honda looked up to see who it was Mugen saw that Honda was preoccupied with the person it the sky, he took the opurtunity to flip backwards and throw dragon claw at Honda who had only noticed that it was Rin in the air did not notice dragon claw before it was too late.

It had pierced him in his stomach penetrating his armour hitting his gut. He fell doubled over with his back in plain veiw Rin impaled her sword in his back and flipped away while pulling it "I wish we could have had fight where we were not enemies, maybe this is the wish of God" he said in a some what upset tone in his voice as he went to retrieve his sword.

"Awww someones getting sentimental about having to kill a warrior" Rin mocked, but it was ignored.

Iyeyasu was still on his horse as he grinned

"Don't count me out just yet" Honda shouted as he punched Mugen away and sent him flying into the castle walls.

"Shit he is strong" he dusted himself and got himself together.

"You have the same morals as a samurai...like honour" Honda said in confusion "why is that" he said as he yanked the sword out a discarded it.

"Your the first warrior who has lasted this long let alone take dragon claw in a vital organ, I'm still surprised that your not disorientated." He said " that means no matter what the outcome of this battle will be, I will respect you." He said with a full face grin

Rin sighed and shouted "Hello we were on a schedule, its almost daybreak !"

"Shall me finish thi battle" Mugen said

"Indeed" Honda said as they both charged at each other


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Majeh[NU] on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:39 am

As Mugen and Honda clashed swords, Rin looked on deciding on the perfect time to strike, analysing Honda's movements and attack patterns.

"He's a powerful fighter, that's for sure. I can't find any openings..." Rin spoke quietly to herself, affirming her discovery.

The two warriors parted swords and jumped backwards. As Mugen gripped the ground to slow himself down, he dashed in, swinging his sword from the side, a fast attack. Honda saw this and was able to guard in time, moving his sword to the side and using his other arm to brace it along the length of its back. The impact caused dust to rise off the ground, they gripped the ground underneath them hard with their feet. Neither of them wanting to back down, they continued pushing, now wielding their weapons with two hands. The collisions were harder, the impacts stronger and the fighting much fiercer. One strike this dangerous could decide the fight, however, the battle appeared to be far from over.

As Mugen and Honda moved backwards again, ready for the next charge, they noticed that someone else was walking towards them. It was very peculiar, he made no indication that he was slowing down, or that he had any intention of stopping. His eyes were covered by his long crimson hair, his hands hidden within the long sleeves of his cloak. His black katana was in full view, Honda's eyes rested upon it for a few seconds, he could tell it was of a higher class than the military and government. His expression could only be described as a mix of anger and extreme confusion. Mugen figured that he had to be a strong fighter to be walking so calmly towards the scene which he and Honda had created, in full view.

"Boy, where did you get that katana from?" Honda asked, his voice indicated that he was demanding an answer.

The man didn't answer, but continued walking.

"Did you not hear me, I asked you where you got that katana!?" Honda repeated, this time much louder, an exclaimation.

Again the man neglected his question and continued walking.

"Well, you obviously aren't an official. That means that you must either have stolen it or killed it's owner! Perhaps both!" Honda yelled at him, people in the houses and shops nearby had started looking out of their windows, woken up by the noise Honda was making.

From out of nowhere, screams could be heard. They appeared to be coming from the direction the man was coming from. Two members of the police ran up behind the man and stopped.

"You there, stop! We have eye-witness reports of you murdering four people, one being a child. Surrender your weapon and drop to your knees, criminal!" One of the officers said in a tone which commanded authority.

Without any warning whatsoever, the man gripped his katana and sheathed it again as the two officers dropped to their knees, blood pouring out of the mouths of their decapitated heads. The villagers who had been watching retreated inside and closed their windows. It sounded as if they were sealing all entrances with their heaviest furniture.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" Honda screamed at the man. He charged at him at full speed his sword drawn. As he neared the man, time seemed to slow down for him. He saw the killer's eyes for the first time, his dead, lifeless, expressionless eyes. He had no look of regret, guilt, or anything else on his face. His expression was blank, his eyes cold. Honda had looked into the eyes of so called cold-blooded murderers before, but this was nothing like that. It wasn't that this man possessed a lot of hatred, or that he seemed psychotic, no... he didn't show any signs of anything. He showed no signs of human nature, no humanity at all. Honda continued with his attack, but by now he knew it was meaningless. This man wasn't a killer, he wasn't a warrior, he was the personification of death itself. Seeing his own life flash before his eyes before the killer's sword even pierced him, Honda sighed. A single tear left his eyes.

"Goodbye, my friends. I die now with honour." Were Honda's last words.

Skillfully avoiding Honda's blade whilst managing to pierce his heart, the killer stood silent as always. He waited until Honda's eyes faded to black and then removed his katana. Honda fell forward and collapsed, spread out, on the ground. The killer began walking away, not even glancing at the dead body beside him. He shook his katana to rid it of his latest victim's blood and then continued walking, his eyes fixed straight ahead of himself.

Mugen and Rin looked at the killer, witnessing his act in full, mere metres away. Mugen moved in front of Rin, fearing that he would have to fight the man himself, hoping that she would flee to safety. His thoughts raced, he couldn't think clearly. His head felt like it was going to explode. For the first time in his life, he could feel himself shaking. Rin started to cry, she fell to her knees, paralysed by fear. This wasn't just another fight, this was like watching a god hold a gun to her head and state his intentions. Rather, watching the Devil himself hold her life in his very hands. She was shaking, her heart beating, resounding in her ears. It was heavy, it was fast, she felt like it was going to explode any second now. As sweat started to run down Mugen's face, he gripped both swords, ready for his last battle.

The killer was nearing them, his eyes once again covered by his hair. It was blowing in the wind, the only part of him that showed any signs that he was real, that he wasn't just part of some living nightmare. Drawing closer and closer to the two now helpless fighters, he paused. Standing perfectly still, a slight breeze blowing his clothes and displacing his hair so that Mugen could catch split-second glimpses of his dead eyes, he averted his gaze to Mugen. Instantly tightening his grip further on his swords, he dashed at the killer. This was it. He hoped that Rin would get to safety, that he would spare her... what was he thinking, this man spared no one.

"DON'T! MUGEN!!!" Rin cried out in desperation.

Mugen stopped instantly, brought back to his senses. He stood perfectly still, looking the killer in the eyes. It felt that any hope he had left was being drained from him. It was painful, his heart was resonating in his head, pounding away. He thought he was going to pass out.

The killer began to leave the area, Mugen dropped his guard for only a second. Within that second, the man had unleashed a devastating slash at him. Somehow managing to block his katana with both of his swords, Mugen stood shocked. The attack was more powerful than he had thought, he was also still worn out from his previous battle. He fell back. He was vulnerable, one strike would unequivocally end his life.

The killer, still emotionless, stopped. He continued on walking, leaving Mugen lying on the road. He passed by Rin, she almost fainted as he did so. He kept walking for a few more metres, then he paused. Without looking back, he then started walking away again.

Coming back to her senses, her heart still pounding away, Rin managed to utter a few words.

"It seems... he's... let us live... Thank god..."

After speaking these words, she collapsed, unconscious. Mugen continued lying on his back, trying to understand what had just happened. This made no sense, for a man who appeared to defy reason, logic, and all that made him human, he had actually stopped on a whim. That made no sense...


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by battosaixgirl on Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:16 am

"Order up!"

It's the next morning and everything seems to have returned to normal. Rin's behind the soba bar, doing her usual work. Everyone went their separate ways for the day after the incident. They haven't talked about it since...and Rin doesn't plan on bringing it up. It still gives her the chills.

"Oh, a customer..." she rolls up her kimono sleeves, "Welcome!"

"Heh, you're as peppy as ever..."

Mugen pushes the short curtain aside and sits at the counter. She sighs.

"Oh, its only you..."

"Just give me some damn food."

Rin sighs, blowing her red bangs out of her face, "There's nothing to be upset about Mugen...it just proves that we need some more training...if you get down in the dumps about one failure..."

"Shut up and give me my damn food."

Rin looks and him and slides over the bowl...he catches it. Mugen looks in to see its only half full.

"What's this...?"

"Be happy about what you get for free!"

"But you usually give me more, you're playing dirty."

"Heh, don't complain..."

Mugen smirks, "I used to give you food before you got this job."

Rin grins, "Never saw you as the 'aniki' type~"

Mugen chuckles slightly and starts eating. Rin sighs again, hoping he cheered him up a little. She leans on the counter and watches the people go by. she watches for the man from last night. Just the thought of him maes her paranoid. If they encounter him again...it may as well be their last night living. She pushes her bangs out of her face and puts her head in her hands. that would be the worst situation.

"H-Hey...pay attention to the customer..."

she looks up to see a man sitting near Mugen at the counter. He glares at him, pssed with his attitude. Rin holds back a laugh from the look on his face.

"Sorry about that~ What will it be?"

He looks around nervously, taking something out of his sleeve.

"I-I-I-I- I need so Aka Soba...t-t-t-to go..."

Rin can feel Mugen's gaze on her as she goes and starts packing up his order. From how he's acting...Rin can tell the whole scene last night made him paranoid too.

"Here you go," she passes him the package, "And that will be..."

But he's gone, only an envelope on the counter taking his place. Rin picks it up.

"Can I do the job? I need to loosen up from before...get my fire back..." Mugen says, reaching for the envelope. Rin holds it back.

"Nope~ this one's mine...I'll meet you later after I go though...by the shrine."

"Fine, see ya then~" he gets up and leaves the bar. Rin opens the envelope.

"Hope it's something good."

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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

Post by Gremlin on Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:54 pm

As Rin opened the envelope she partialy read it and looked the reward. Her eyes widend and glistened as she screamed "MUGEN WAIT!" but it was too late. By the look on Rins face that this would be quite the job.

"Water" Rin's day dreaming was interupted by a man who for some reason froze Rin on the spot....she felt asif yestuday was happening again. A man with red hair covering his face. "Have you heard the stories about that samurai that kills people for fun?" He said in a cold monotonous voice as he lifted his head up. "I'm not him" he said with a laugh as he fell to the floor laughing when he saw Rin turn red.

"MUGEN YOU DICK!!" She scremed out at him
Mugen was still laughin but got up to speak...then he burst out into laughter again "hahahaha you should have seen your face and if your asking why its because I'm half full"he managed to get out the words without laughing

"You know I have right mind to go on this mission without you and just go with Kyoji" she said still shaken

Mugen rememebered somthing "wait where is he I haven't seen him since yesturday"

Half way out of osaka Kyoji was carrying a bag of treasure

"Hehehe Mugen and Rin you dumb idiots" he giggled to himself. As he was walking he barged into a man with a sword. "Hey watch it punk" Kyoji said with anger. The man ignored him and carried on. "I'm talkin to you b-" Kyoji stopped as thpe man put his sword in its sheath and carried on walking. Kyoji layed dead on the floor decapitated street once again stained with crimson as the moon reflected on it.


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Re: Samurai Champloo - Re-Loaded!

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